[Terkini] ‘Now Hero Mama TinggaI 6 ..’ Haziq MninggaI Dunia Rmpuh Iori Berhnti Tepi LPT 2.

DUNGUN – A cook died after his Yamaha 135LC motorcycle crashed into a lorry that stopped for no reason on the left lane of Kilometer (KM) 335.5 of the East Coast Highway 2 (LPT 2) near the Paka Rest and Reception (R&R) area here today. .

In the incident at 12.10 midnight, the victim, Muhammad Haziq Abdul Halim, 21, died due to a head injury.

Dungun District Police Chief, Superintendent Baharudin Abdullah said, the initial investigation found that the lorry driver carrying a load of frozen meat had stopped his vehicle on the highway because he fell asleep.

He said the 42 -year -old man was said to have only woken up when the back of his truck was hit by a motorcycle ridden by Muhammad Haziq.

“He was arrested for driving his truck but was chased by a witness before he could be arrested near the Bukit Bes1 Toll Plaza about 40 kilometers from the scene.

“The 36 -year -old witness then handed over the lorry driver to the police,” he said here today.


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