Telkomsel Presents the Platform – REVIEW1ST.COM – Telkomsel is expanding its digital service business portfolio by launching the platform to the public virtually at the annual Insight for Indonesia 2022: Consumer Insight by Telkomsel, (24/5). is a digital survey platform that offers solutions for all customer research needs, both in the academic, commercial, cross-industry, social and other research needs broadly.

As a result of business incubation from Telkomsel’s Data Solution Group business unit, the capability of the platform has been enriched by telco data insight so that it has several advantages, ranging from a wide range of respondent bases, respondent targeting features with accurate profiles, faster results output, and User friendly survey management features.

Director of Planning and Transformation Telkomsel Wong Soon Nam said, “The launch of is a tangible manifestation of Telkomsel’s commitment to continuing its positioning as a digital ecosystem enabler that continues to accelerate the birth of new digital solutions through the use of leading-edge innovation and technology.

The presence of is also part of our efforts to assist and facilitate various stakeholders, both academics, professionals, non-governmental organizations, and business actors across industrial sectors in opening up more opportunities for progress by encouraging the strengthening of a data-based decision-making culture.” is here as a result of the incubation program of Telkomsel InnoXtion’s internal program (now Telkomsel TINC Polaris) and aims to support the creation of a data-driven decision-making culture, both in the academic, commercial, social, and other broad areas of research purposes.

Since 2021, Telkomsel’s Data Solution Group business unit has carried out various continuous developments to ensure becomes a digital survey platform with superior capabilities in the market research industry market.

In December 2021, began to be used commercially and has served the market research needs of a number of companies in various industrial sectors.

Wong Soon Nam further explained, through various stages of development, now has various advantages as a digital research platform.

These advantages include a wide range of respondent bases throughout Indonesia, an accurate respondent targeting feature based on the results of an analysis of the real behavior of Telkomsel network users, the speed to get the results output, as well as a platform that provides convenience in managing surveys, starting from creation, delivery, to distribution. survey results reporting.

More complete information about the service and its advantages can be obtained by accessing the contact us menu at the link.

Successfully Capturing Indonesian Consumer Behavior with the 2022 Consumer Insight Report
The Management Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LM FEB UI) has tested the capabilities of the digital research platform and collaborated with Telkomsel in conducting studies and compiling an annual report entitled 2022 Consumer Insight Report.

The study, which was conducted for approximately one and a half months, focused on the consumption behavior of the Indonesian people from various aspects.

Based on opinions from 1,500 respondents throughout Indonesia, together with LM FEB UI succeeded in revealing the behavior of Indonesian consumers during 2021 and predicting consumption trends for 2022, which include the following:

The pandemic that is still ongoing in 2021 will have a changing impact on the behavior of Indonesian consumers.

One of them is the tendency to fulfill daily needs from home, which has now been greatly facilitated by digital platforms with delivery services in a short time, such as routine shopping needs and food.

Digital entertainment sources that can be consumed from home also dominate in 2021, and are predicted to become a new lifestyle in 2022. Video streaming will be the main entertainment choice, with Indonesian content outperforming the popularity of Western, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese content.

Although the convenience of activities and fulfilling needs from home has become a new habit, there is also a desire for Indonesian consumers to start being active again outside the home.

In fact, one in five respondents stated that they took a tourism trip to work from a tourist location or work from vacation.

The key findings were conveyed directly by the Senior Consultant and Senior Lecturer LM FEB UI Dr. Nurdin Sobari as an expert in the field of consumer behavior at the launch of The complete white paper of the 2022 Consumer Insight Report will be widely published after the launch of

Vice President of Data Solutions Telkomsel Mia Melinda further added, to enrich the insights of the study results, Telkomsel also presented a series of big names from several leading brands in Indonesia at the annual Insight for Indonesia 2022 event:

Consumer Insight by Telkomsel, starting from Vincent Tjendra (CEO Astro), Abraham Viktor (CEO Hangry Group), Henry Manampiring (VP Marketing RedDoorz), Ario Adimas (VP ​​, Reynazran Royono (CEO FITA), Rezki Yanuar (VP Marketing, to Hilda Kitti (VP Marketing Tokopedia) who each explained their views as industry players regarding the right business strategy and in line with dynamic consumer behavior.

In this event, Telkom Group Commissioner Marcelino R. Pandin and Telkom Group Independent Commissioner Abdi N. Nurdin were also present.

“We hope that through the Insight for Indonesia event which we envision as an annual event presented by Telkomsel MSIGHT,’s capabilities as a research solution for industry, academics, and the general public can be well demonstrated.

Now the development of the platform is still being carried out on an ongoing basis to meet market needs in conducting various researches.

Going forward, as the leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia, Telkomsel will consistently strengthen the national digital ecosystem by presenting a variety of innovative digital service solutions that are in accordance with customer-centric principles,” concluded Mia.

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