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Telegram Link Viral Video Museum No Basa Basi Newest!!

Telegram includes a place to find bokeh videos, movies to Korean Dramas for free. Many are looking for the Telegram link, the viral museum video, the latest update 2022. The reason is, with the right link, this kind of video is easy to find.


Actually, you don’t need to look for museum bokeh videos, you can make them yourself. How to? It’s very easy, namely using a bokeh video editing application. There are many bokeh video editing applications that you can try, the list can be checked below.

10 Applications Link Telegram Viral Video Museum Latest Update 2022

Now editing videos can be done easily, only armed with an Android smartphone or iPhone. So, you don’t need a computer with advanced specifications to edit videos like before. Well, below are recommendations for the best 2022 bokeh video editing applications that you can try:



Download Video B here

First there is VSCO: Photo & Video Editor, one of the best video editing apps you can use. Through this application, your creativity in video editing will be facilitated with complete tools and features in it, including creating bokeh effects in videos.

Not only that, beginners will also be spoiled with 200+ presets or ready-to-use video templates. So, they can use these presets while learning proper video editing in VSCO. This application is available for free on Google Play and the App Store, please download from both.

Link Download:

App Name VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
Version 287
Size 67 MB
OS Android 6.0 and up

2. Pinreel


Bokeh-Full-HD NO SENSOR.rar

The video editing application, the Telegram Link Viral Video Museum, the Latest Update 2022, that you can try next is Pinreel. Pinreel is an application for creating animated videos, which you can also use to make bokeh videos.

Pinreel provides up to 1000+ free and ready-to-use templates, making editing animated videos a breeze. Beginners will also be greatly assisted with the template, at least they have the provisions because they are not too familiar with the application.

Link Download:

App Name Pinreel – Animated Video Maker
Version 1.99
Size 41 MB
OS Android 5.0 and up

3. Videap – Video Effects Editor


Next is Videap, a cool video editing application, equipped with standard and advanced editing tools, including making museum bokeh videos. Not only that, Videap also has AI technology, aka artificial intelligence, making it easier for users to operate the application.

Link Download:

App Name Videap – Video Effects Editor
Version 3.1.3
Size 62 MB
OS Android 7.0 and up

4. Cute CUT – Video Editor & Movi


The next most recommended video editing application is Cute CUT, which has professional video editing tools and features. Of course, this application is suitable for pro editors, or even novice editors who are just about to learn about video editing.

Beginners don’t need to worry when using this application, especially if you want to make a museum bokeh video that has the potential to go viral. The reason is, this application is very easy to use, all the instructions in it are easy to understand.

Link Download:

App Name Cute CUT – Video Editor & Movi
Version 1.8.8
Size 33 MB
OS Android 4.1 and up

5. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow


The best video editing application that you should try next is VN Video Editor. You can rely on this application if it is only for making bokeh videos. With just a few simple steps, you can blur parts of the video according to your taste.

Of course, as the best video editing application, this application still has a lot to offer. In addition to standard and advanced tools, there are many other features that you can use, such as adding music, sounds, effects, filters and more to videos.

Link Download:

App Name VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow
Version 2.0.0
Size 5.0 and up
OS Android 138 MB

6. CapCut


Video editor application Link Telegram Viral Video Museum Latest Update 2022, the next best is CapCut. This application is equipped with complete features, including editing videos into bokeh. You can also use video editing tools and other features that are no less interesting.

Of course, videos that are initially raw, you can turn into a screen uploaded on social media platforms. Interestingly, CapCut also provides video presets or templates that are attractive and viral, especially on TikTok. You are free to use it to edit your own version of the video.

Link Download:

App Name CapCut – Editor Video
Version 6.7.0
Size 146 MB
OS Android 5.0 and up

7. Video Editor – Video Effects


Editing videos and adding bokeh effects to them has never been easier when you use Video Editor – Video Effects. As the name implies, you can add various effects to your video, including the museum bokeh effect that is loved by many.

So, no need to look for the Telegram link viral video museum latest update 2022, because you can make it yourself with Video Editor – Video Effects. If you are interested in using it, this application is already available for Android and iOS, you can download it on Google Play or the App Store.

Link Download:

App Name Video Editor – Video Effects
Size 41 MB
OS Android 5.0 and up

8. VivaCut – Pro Video Editor


VivaCut is a professional video editing application, providing standard and advanced video editing tools that are very complete. You can use it to cut, condense and merge videos. You can also adjust the brightness, sharpness, saturation to the color of the video.

There is a feature to add various video effects, including a bokeh effect. In addition, you can add other elements to the video, ranging from music, audio, filters, transition effects, text and much more.

Link Download:

App Name VivaCut – Pro Video Editor
Version 2.17.4
Size 92 MB
OS Android 5.0 and up

9. Collage Maker | Photo Editor


The video editing application, Telegram, viral video, museum, latest update, next 2022, is Collage Maker | Photo Editor. Actually, this application is for editing bokeh photos, but you can use it for other things, namely making photo collages with a maximum number of photos reaching 20.

Link Download:

App Name Collage Maker | Photo Editor
Version 2.136.116
Size 15 MB
OS Android 5.0 and up

10. PicsArt


Finally, there is PicsArt, a bokeh photo editing application with very complete editing tools and features. On mobile alone, this application has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of people, who want to edit their photos to make them better and not embarrassing if uploaded to social media.

Link Download:

App Name Picsart Photo & Video Editor
Version 20.6.11
Size 64 MB
OS Android Android 6.0 and up

No need to be confused looking for the latest Telegram viral video museum update 2022 link because you can make it yourself with the applications above. You can also edit videos by adding other interesting effects, not just bokeh.

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