{Tekno} Latest way to transfer XL credit for 2022

How to transfer the last XL balance Pulse includes the basic requirements for all types of activities. In addition to SMS and telephone, there are many other functions. Here’s how to transfer XL balance.

As a cellular service provider, XL sells pulse products that are of interest to its users. XL pulse transmission methods are sometimes researched for some of their purposes.

Phones that have transformed their functionality from a secondary need to a primary need require a pulse to operate. Sometimes we will give you some information about XL!

Information from Related History XL

XL is a large and popular provider in Indonesia. Behind its success, there is a long journey that XL herself has taken. Here is some historical information about its development:

1. History of XL

On October 6, 1989, a company called PT Grahametropolitan Lestari was born as a cellular communications provider and began operations in 1996. XL was founded by Rajawali Wira Bhakti Utama.

At that time, its main office was in Jakarta. Along with its development, stock ownership until the company experienced a transfer. So the company name changed several times.

2. XL Dan Axle

In 2014, XL Axiata and Axis signed a collaborative merger of 65 million users. The two companies faced a number of difficult challenges during the merger. You can also do how XL impulses are transmitted to the hub.

For example when managing licenses from different parties, as well as unifying different IT concepts. After struggling for two years, the company finally succeeded and they officially merged.

3. Types of XL Play Services

As a cellular communications provider, XL has several types of services. It is contained in the company’s articles of association. Then what are the types of XL services? Details here:

  • Operation of the mobile cellular network.

  • closed motion operations.

  • Implementation of data communication system services.

  • Electronic money issuer.

  • Fixed network operation with local packet switching.

  • Maintenance of service provision accounts.

  • Implementation of Internet connection services.

  • Maintenance of telephone Internet services for general needs.

  • Providing Internet access services.

  • Providing money transfer services.

4. Data Packet Type XL

As an Internet Service Provider, XL has many data package options for its users. The data package has its price, service and advantages. Here is a list of Internet XL packages:

With 4G service available, XL can access high speed internet with wide band. We look forward to a selection of attractive data packages for you, as well as other promotions.

XL Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

Each operator has a different SK when it comes to moving pulses. Before making the transfer, first familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. Here are the things to keep in mind on how to transfer XL balance:

  • The operator charges and takes out loans for children, the fee is 500 rupees

  • After the transfer, there should be a minimum of Rs 5,000 for the remaining credit

  • Both the sender and the recipient can perform balance transfer transactions a maximum of 5 times per day

  • The nominal transfer is the balance of Rs 500,000

These are some terms and conditions, if you want to use the credit to the maximum, get acquainted with it. Terms and conditions may change from time to time, so you should always update. It is also possible to transfer XL credit to other operators.

How to transfer XL balance in different ways

When you are in an important situation and need credit, don’t get confused, because there are many options when you want to share XL credit, here are different ways to convert XL credit to XL:

1. Via SMS

Since the various periods of HP’s development, from HP to smartphones, SMS has become a major feature. In addition to calling, SMS can also be used to transfer credit, here’s how to send credit via XL:

  • There is a message menu, go to that menu on your smartphone.

  • Send a text message to the number 168

  • You must write “BAGI” (space) destination number (space) the amount of the balance you want to transfer, example: BAGI 083 *********** 50000

  • If so, there will be an incoming SMS notification to confirm the balance transfer. Reply with Y to receive confirmation.

  • Wait for the transaction to succeed.

This is how to share the balance via SMS. It can be said that this is the easiest way because of the simple method, plus if using any phone can do it so that it is easier for users.

2. Via dial

Telephoning in Indonesian means making a phone call, in this way you can also transfer credit. One of the cellular operators is XL axiata. Here’s how:

  • There is a contact menu, go to that menu on your smartphone.

  • In the phone menu, type *123*8461# and press the call button

  • After entering the new menu, the Share Balance menu will appear.

  • Click , then enter the number you want to transfer the credit to

  • Select the nominal amount for your balance transfer

  • Execute further instructions until the process is complete.

3. Via MyXL

MyXL is a service provided by a provider. There are many features such as your profile, information, and products offered by XL. You can also transfer credit through this app. Here’s how:

  • Make sure to download the myXL app on your smartphone via playstore or otherwise.

  • Log in to the app, log in if you already have an account. If not, please register.

  • There is a Pulse / Balance menu, then enter the menu.

  • If so, fill in the number you want to transfer the balance to.

  • Select Nominal Transfer Credit, select Submit.

  • You will be asked for a PIN, enter your PIN.

  • Transaction completed.

XL Credit Fee

To finance an XL credit transfer, there are several obligations when making a transaction. XL operators charge different costs for each of their transactions. Details here:

  • Amount: 3,000 – 9,999, Fee: 3 days 10,000 – 24,999, Active period: 5 days

  • Nominal: 25,000 – 49999, Fee: 1,500 rupees, Active period: 10 days

  • Nominal: 50,000 – 99999, Fee: Rs 3,000, Active period: 15 days

  • Nominal: 100,000 – 200,000, Fee: Rs 6,000, Active period: 30 days

  • Nominal: 200,001 – 300,000, Fee: Rs 9,000, Active period: 30 days

  • Nominal: 300,001 – 500,000, Fee: Rs 15,000, Active period: 60 days.

XL Emergency Balance

Every pulse trigger has an emergency pulse service, including the XL. This service is intended for users who need credit. Help is provided if the user needs it but is in a situation where he cannot buy credit.

There are conditions for using the emergency credit, such as that you must be an XL user for 2 months or 60 days. Another requirement is that you must increase your balance at least three times with a nominal value of Rp. 5000.

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Here are some ways to transfer XL balance. If you want to buy a master card for your HP device, the XL can be one of the options that has many of the features already mentioned. So, are you already using the XL?

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