Microsoft accidentally leaks brand new OneDrive client for Windows 11

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It’s clear that Microsoft is working with a brand new OneDrive client for Windows 11 that has also been developed from square one. This could be one of the most significant upgrades to a desktop operating system over an online cloud storage solution and also seems to have been accidentally stripped online by businesses over the weekend.

OneDrive is solidly integrated into Windows 11 and is also a component of Windows Search and even File Explorer in Figure 22 H2. Various devices are easily available for many systems, including Android and also iphone. Windows also includes a taskbar-based OneDrive client that allows you to work with synced documents, uploads, and more as well.

However, Windows 11 does not have a full OneDrive app. This could change quickly, according to a brand new leak. A brand new OneDrive client has already appeared on Microsoft’s website and it also appears to be based on the WinUI concepts of Windows 11. It’s a decent app and also looks similar to a setup app.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the all-new OneDrive app for Windows 11 includes an all-new navigation experience. The options are easily available on the left side, and the user interface has also already been upgraded. There are no completely new themes, however all the existing options are still available, consisting of the ability to customize sync settings, notifications, and more.

You can also include an additional account and also handle attributes like easily available storage space. Sure, you can also deal with these options in the Windows 11 native settings app.

It is worth noting that the tech giant is still working with the OneDrive storage app overview and individuals should also not download and install the variant as it does not guarantee security. Make sure to do the setup on a gadget in the Dev Channel if you still want to try out the all-new OneDrice experience.

Additionally, Microsoft is also working with OneDrive ingest for Windows 11.

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