2 Ways to Add Text, Image or Link as a QR Code in Google Docs

QR codes are quite popular nowadays. These little codes themselves include a lot of detail as well as information. Apart from that, they are also safe and secure as you cannot check them without a QR code scanner app or built-in features in the camera. If you want to write some points on your message paper in the form of a QR code, then this would be a very good idea. Today in this short article we will definitely tell you how to correctly enter QR code in Google Docs.

How to Add QR Code in Google Docs

Using Add-ons

You can use the Google Workspace add-on to include a QR code in your document. Here’s how to use this procedure:

1. Open Google Docs and most likely your doc data.

2. Now click on “Add-ons” from the food options.

3. After that, click “Get Add-ons”.

4. The Google Workspace marketplace will definitely open, where you can click on the search box to search for a QR code generator.

5. From the search results page, select one of the QR code generators.

6. When the web page opens, click “Install”.

7. After validating by clicking “Continue” allow approval for it.

8. Click Add-ons once again and also select QR code generator once installed.

9. Currently select “QR Code Generator” from the alternatives provided.

10 Next, on the side of the appropriate webpage, get a message that you want to exchange the QR code. This will immediately convert it to code.

11 Next, click “Copy to clipboard” to replicate the QR code.

12 Paste the QR code on your paper.

You can also generate upc codes, call QR codes, WiFi QR codes, etc. using this device and also enter directly into Google Docs.

Using Third Party Websites

If you can’t use Google Workspace to get the add-on, you can use a third-party website to generate a QR xide and then place it directly into your Google Docs. Adhere to the actions listed below:

1. In any type of internet browser, go to the QR code generator website, for example- qr code generator. com.

2. At this point, in the message area, paste or compose your message.

3. Then click “Generate QR code”.

4. As soon as the code is generated, you can see on the side of the corresponding web page.

5. From there, click “Download” to download and install the QR code as a photo.

6. Now, most likely go to Google Docs and click “Insert”.

7. Type in food options, select “Image” and then “Upload from Computer”.

8. Next, select the QR code data, and send it too.

That’s it, your message as a QR code will definitely be included in your Doc. You can also resize it based on your needs.

So this is the way to enter QR code into Google Docs completely free without any headache and you can also easily convert your confidential data into QR code before sending it to Google Docs. For more such ideas and techniques, stay tuned and follow us on social media sites too!

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