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Meet again with admin, on this occasion we will give a review about a Higgs Domino Island Partner tool, called Tdomino Boxiangyx.

For friends who don’t understand this tool, Tdomino Boxiangyx is a partner tool in the Higgs Domino game for transactions or chip purchases“.

By joining a Higgs domino partner, you can enjoy various advantages and excellent features,

Well, friends who want to register as an official partner of the latest Rp. Higgs Dominoes, here are some conditions that you must fulfill,

What are the requirements that you must have?

Come on, keep reading the admin review, because there will be important information about this Higgs Domino Partner Application.

Terms of Registering a Tdomino Boxiangyx Chip Agent

Okay, friends, let’s go straight to the discussion, here are some conditions that you must fulfill before registering a topbos domino chip agent

Akun Higgs Domino Island

Friends who want to register as an official tdomino boxiangyx partner, must have a Higgs Domino Island account. After having an account, you must pay attention to the following points:

  • Verified Accountyou can see the verified account in the Menu Security Center, and check the security level of your account. If there are still many empty stars, please complete them immediately.

Buddy must fill in an active cellphone number, as well as an email address in this Higgs Domino account, so that the security level becomes 5 stars.

  • Member VIPafter having a verified account, the next point you have to become a member VIP Perak. To be able to become a Silver VIP member, you must top up minimum IDR 50 thousand,
  • Account Level 6the last condition for your account must be already Level 6how to check, my friend can see Other Menu >> Select a Slot Game>>Check Top Right Corner.

This matter important my friend has, because if your account is already Level 6, Friends, you can send chips to other domino users.

account level 6

Now, if you already have the conditions above, it’s time for us to proceed to registration as a Higgs domino partner agent

How to Register a Higgs Domino Partner

Okay, now it’s time for the admin to tell you how to register as an official partner of the Higgs Domino Island chip.

  • First, my friend enters the browser, you can use Chrome
  • Enter the link address
  • If you have already entered the registration page, Fill in your active friend’s phone number
  • Wait a few seconds, until there is an incoming call in the form of a code
  • Then my friend, enter it verification code
  • Next Tap Login
  • Wait until your friend’s registration process is accepted

How to Send Chips to Higgs Domino Users

  • After successfully joining the Higgs domino partner, you will get an Activation order by doing early activation package chip purchase
  • Make a payment via the available methods
  • After successfully making a payment, you will be directed to: download the Higgs partner app
  • Download the app and login using your phone number
  • Set a password, so if you want to log in again, it’s easier
  • Well, just now my friend can transact “Sales” chip domino
  • Send the chip by entering the number Recipient ID
  • You have to confirm with the recipient, yes, if the chip has been sent. you can screenshot delivery history to the buyer.
  • Also make sure the buyer confirms that the chip has been received and pays with the method that my friend prepared
send chips

Here, friends, all of you have successfully joined as a chip agent partner, higgs domino, you can also join the Partner group to add relationships.

If you have a lot of friends on domino island rp, you can also donate cf to other users.

Chip sales transactions are more secure because many official partners have been joining for a longer time, besides that, you get many other benefits

Advantages of Becoming a Domino’s Partner

Hey friends,, you will get various benefits after joining as an official agent for domino partners.

Some of the advantages are that you will get full access to various premium features.

Below, the admin has summarized a few of the advantages that you will have

  1. Free Aksesthe admin said above earlier, you will get features that Full Access. So friends, you will feel full access to the latest Higgs Domino Island game
  2. Chip SalesFriend, who has refilled to a Silver VIP member, can already sell chips to other users. Friends who join partners will get different prices
  3. Safe and Reliablea verified account will make other users who want to transact, will not hesitate anymore.
  4. Cheap TopUp Chip, joins as an official partner of Higgs Domino, giving you a special price when you want to refill. Friends need to know, The more often you top up, the more VIP Member Levels will be
  5. Chip Transactionsthe higher your VIP level, you can trade chips all day long without any restrictions

Well, those are some of the advantages that you will all get. For more details, all of you can directly use this Higgs Domino Chip Partner Tool

Or buddy You can also register via Higgs Dominoes Partner Official App.

Don’t worry, the admin has prepared it link download the application.

Download the Higgs Domino Island Partner App

Higgs Dominoes Partner Application Details – Tdomino Boxiangyx

Nama File Tdomino Boxiangyx
Developer Boxiangyx
App Size 9 MB
App Version Latest Update
Price Free
Operating system Android 5.0+



Friends, just download it via link which the admin has prepared, Free.

And for how to install the application, my friend can follow the instructions as below

How to Install the Higgs Tdomino Boxiangyx Partner Application

Make sure you all successfully download the application perfectly, so that no installation package errors occur.


The following are the steps for installing the Tdomino Partner Application

  1. Open the Menu Additional Settings
  2. Search Options Security and Privacy Give Active "Unknown Source"
  3. Find Application Files Tdomino Boxiangyx Tap Install
  4. Wait until the installation process is complete

When finished, you can use this application and re-login with the ID that you created earlier.

Conclusion and Closing

That is the full review of the admin about the latest 2022 higgs domino partner application.

Hopefully this article helps for those of you who are looking for references and how to join as a domino partner.

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