Tdomino Boxiangyx Apk Downlaod Terbaru 2022

Tdomino Boxiangyx Apk Download Latest Version 2021 + Login Tutorial and How to Register and Login and Benefits of Being an Agent

Want to sell points in the Higgs Domino Island game? and want to make money selling those points? It’s easy, all you need to do is join as a partner tool first in the Domino game.

Just as we all know, in the higgs domino game, there are several premium points, where some of these points are obtained for free and some are purchased from a legitimate Higgs Domino agent.

Many Higgs Domino game players want to be legal agents, because apart from making extra money, they get pleasure from playing the Domino Island game. A little information, have you used the Higgs Domino Mod Apk? If not, then you should use the application

There are steps that need to be taken if you want to sell points in domino games. The condition is that you must register as a Higgs Domino Island Partner. Nach, will give him a little guide on how to register, download the partner tool application and how to use it.

However, before that, you must first read the information about the higgs domino application partner tool. Because many are confused after downloading the application, but don’t know if it’s a domino island partner tool. Therefore, read carefully his narrative which we have discussed below.

Tdomino Boxiangyx Com Application Review

Tdomino is a legitimate Agent agreed or confirmed by the Higgs Domino faction. Until after becoming a legal agent, you have the right to sell points and any tools in the Domino Island games, such as buying coins and paid points.

Until people who have been confirmed to be higgs domino partners can sell points or equipment such as gold coins, purple chips, higgs dominoes, and others. However, there are certain conditions to become an agent, what are they? Here’s his narrative.

How to Register Higgs Domino Partner Tool on Tdomino

Here’s how to register at tdomino boxiangyx com higgs domino island legitimate partner tool and login:

  • Please open the Browser application on your mobile device or pc.
  • Next, suggest the address or
  • If you have, please suggest a cellphone number via SMS, later your number will get a code for clarification.
  • And please suggest the clarification code.
  • Just wait for the process for a moment because the Legitimate Agent faction is evaluating, if it is accepted it means that the conditions offered to become an official agent have been agreed.
    That’s how to register as a Higgs domino partner via the tdomino website.

Requirements to be a Partner Agent

Requirements to be a Partner Agent

Want to be a legal agent for Higgs Domino? Fulfill the current requirements and regulations. Later if the conditions have been met, then you are free to sell coin points or higgs domino chips.

1. Account iD Higgs Domino Island

The special requirements are to become a domino partner tool by having an account that has a verified mobile number and is connected to a Facebook account. This higgs domino account ID is installed on an Android or iPhone mobile device.

And, if you want to be a partner tool, it is emphasized to fill in the data as detailed as possible, if necessary, match your ID card, active mobile number, active e-mail and others. Thus the vendor will be most trusted to give him your account id as an agent or partner of Higgs domino.

2. Join the Most Trusted Chip Supplier

For this last requirement, it is very important, because if there is no link or channel to become a Higgs domino partner with a legitimate vendor or agent, then we will be confused about asking things that we don’t know. So the goal here is that you have to work with vendors who already have good and most trusted references.

Nach, those are the requirements that need to be met for prospective members who want to become legal members of Higgs Domino Island.

3. Upgrade Account Domino ke VIP

The third requirement is that you have to upgrade your account to become a VIP member. Why should upgrade? Therefore, being a VIP member, you can send chips to other accounts every day. So, if the VIP member is getting bigger, the bigger the chip will be, so first fulfill this 2nd requirement, well, if you really need a high-level VIP member.

Download Tdomino Boxiangyx Apk Alat (Mitra Higgs Domino}

Tdomino Boxiangyx

Nach, for those of you who are looking for a higgs domino partner tool application, we provide a download link via this link “Tdomino“. However, it must be understood that this application is not actually used to play, but to sell all the points of the domino higgs game.

So it is a misunderstanding if there is one of the information that says that the higgs domino application partner tool is a game that earns money.

Install Guy Tdomino Boxiangyx

Install Guy Tdomino Boxiangyx

If you want this application, you should first learn how to install the Tdomino application so that it runs optimally on all of your cellphones. Following are the steps on how to install the application:

  1. First you all “Download” the application via the link provided above
  2. Do not open the Donwload file first, but open it “Arrangement” on your cellphone then you all select the menu “Security”then swipe to activate “Unknown Source” (Unknown Sources).
  3. Next, please all of you open the file where to save the Apk that was downloaded previously, click “Install”.
  4. Then “Wait” a few moments until the application is installed, usually less than 1 minute

After installing the application, don’t open it first, register first like the method we have provided.


It’s no secret that the Higgs Domino game is very popular and well-liked because of the variety of games in it, all of which are great. One of the most popular games is called Ludo. Ludo can be played by 2 people or 4 people at the same time, you know.

The rules of the game itself are that the new pawn or pioneer must be moved around the place completely to return to the first base. The faster all successful pieces return to base, the higher the chance of winning. Of course there will be some obstacles throughout the game.

Of course a great game to be sampled in groups, yes. Of the many players who play, all of them will be distinguished by the uniqueness of their respective colors. Each player will generally be given a number of pawns or pioneers of about 4 seeds that need to be played until they run out.

Antiquely the number of ways that several pieces follow depends on the number of dice that are thrown. Then this one game will be really great once played at the same time you know. The journey of pawns or pioneers can be slower if they actually stop at the enemy base so they have to repeat.

Well, maybe that’s the only information from us regarding the download link for the Higgs Domino Island partner tool application and how to register it. Hopefully because there is this discussion can be useful for all of you.

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