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Taylor Swift’s Midnights songs are ranked from worst to best

Taylor Swift looks beautiful with her signature red lips and long, shiny earrings. Image credit: © ImageCollect.com / LJ Fotos / AdMedia

Taylor Swift is doing it again.

The singer keeps breaking one record after another. No matter what kind of music she works on, or how old she is, she always finds something new to do.


On October 21, she released her new album, Midnights, which was her first new record after twice re-encoding, and her fans are happier than ever.

Swift announced the existence of this album in her acceptance speech at the 2022 MTV Music Awards when she won Video of the Year for All Good: The Short Film. Upon its release, it became the most-streamed album of all year in a single day on Spotify and the best-selling vinyl album, overtaking her former Harry Styles.

Not only that, but her songs occupy the top ten positions in both Spotify on Apple Music.

Now that Swift is back and ready to go about her usual pop star life, this new era kicks off with the midnight drop, you guessed it, and then three hours later, the 3 AM release, which includes seven more songs. So, let’s rank 20 Midnight Songs from worst to best.

20. Dear Reader

Dear Reader, it’s the last song on the album for a reason. Swift advises readers not to take advice from people and make their own way in the world. Despite the relaxed rhythm of this song and its beautiful lyrics, it still doesn’t compare to the rest of the songs from this album.

19. Snow On The Beach (with Lana del Rey)

One of the most anticipated collaborations in the music industry ever. The song is beautiful and charming. However, many fans have commented that although Lana can be heard singing in the background and the song itself is similar to Lana’s music, she was supposed to get a bigger role in this song because it’s an advantage, and she didn’t even get a verse. Despite this sad situation, the song makes you feel like you’re walking in a magical land, and Swift’s vocals are you’ll die for.

18. Paris

Swift is in love. If you didn’t know already, she’s been dating British actor Joe Alwyn for six summers. This song represents the bubble the two have been in all this time. She says, “I’m so in love that I might stop breathing,” setting the mood for the rest of the song to talk about how it feels like being in Paris because she didn’t hear or see anything from other people’s lives, just focusing on her and her new relationship.

17. Bigger than the whole sky

Despite being in love, Swift performed a heartbreaking song and anthem for those who had to say goodbye to a loved one. This song is a pure representation of the questioning of why this person left and the over-thinking mind of the singer pitying the fact that she never met what could have been. Some TikTok users have started using this song to describe very difficult life situations, such as miscarriages. It doesn’t matter how or to whom you apply this; This song is one of the saddest songs on the album, so get ready to cry.

16. High Disbelief

Can you believe Swift would dispense with being unfaithful to her partner? In this song, she sings, “Do you really want to know where I was on the 29th of April? / Do I really have to draw the constellations in his eyes?” The singer accepted a difficult situation in her life when she did not give her beloved the love he deserved and instead found someone who “brought her back to life”. It allows that person to regret having something with her as she moves on to someone new.

15. Nothing Sweet

Sweet Nothing tells a beautiful story about love that expects nothing in return. Even when the world seemed to end, Swift found comfort in her partner, who praised her intellect and creativity and had no expectations of her like the rest of the world. This is a beautiful song to listen to when you are in love.

14. The Great War

The Great War contains many metaphors that can be associated with the pandemic period. The rhythm of this song makes you feel like you are at war with fear or losing loved ones as you are running away from people chasing you with weapons and trying to disrupt your peace.

13. Anti-hero

Swift mentioned that this was one of her most personal songs because she talks about her insecurities and fear of people leaving her because she is the problem. She sings, “It always must be stressful to promote the anti-hero.” This song was the first single from that album, with a music video showing three different versions of the singer and a funny scene where her future children get angry at the fact that she left no money behind upon her death. This is something the singer has never done before, and a delightful song to dance around with your troubles.

12. Mastermind

As if people don’t already know that Swift is the mastermind, I felt the need to remind everyone of that. However, this time has been used to express how it creates opportunities for love to be born. She “laid the groundwork” and then everything started to fall apart from there because she had planned it all along, and now the person she wanted was her character.

11. Labyrinth

Oh, no, Swift falls in love again. Labyrinth tells a beautiful story about the fear of entering into a new relationship because of the hurt you’ve been through in the past. She sings, “I thought the plane was landing / How did you turn it around properly?” The songwriter seems to have found a love that doesn’t expect her to quickly recover from old heart setbacks, as well as admitting that the labyrinth of her mind will only exist at first.

10. You’re on your own baby

One of the most beautiful tracks on this album but also very realistic. You are your own, the child leaves you with a bitter feeling that you are alone, people do not love you again, they are trying to find a solution to the loneliness caused by growing up and facing a lot of things on your own.

9. Question…?

A question…? It is for those who are left wondering about many things or as if they have an unfinished business, perhaps even in a situation where the other person now has one. However, you still feel that having a conversation is essential to healing those wounds and closing this chapter.

8. Maroon

Yes, Swift has already claimed another color as hers. Maroon is not only a gorgeous red tone but also an amazing and nostalgic song as the singer explores the depth of her voice while singing about someone who has left a legacy.

7. Bejeweled

The second single from the Midnights album is Bejeweled. Swift talks about how the person she was with didn’t give her enough, and she “missed the shine”. As the song goes on, it finds its luster and strength. It doesn’t matter that she misses this person; After all, she has herself and can still make a room shine. This is a perfect song to dance around your room and restore confidence.

6. It could, could, should have done

A powerful song about a grown man dating someone much younger than him. Rumored to have, was it possible, it must have been about Swift’s ex John Mayer, whom she dated when she was 19 and he was 32. Remember how she wished to “leave her wonder” and that she “would not have danced with the devil at the age of nineteen”. After all, Jake Gyllenhaal could rank second in Swift’s most fan-hated exit.

5. Midnight rain

It’s supposed to be midnight about Swift’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston. Filled with a fresh voice and a distortion in her voice, she tells the story of how she broke his heart as she was looking for a less comfortable relationship and a name for herself. At the same time, he wanted a more serious relationship.

4. Watch Sh*t

Swift sings with some serious sentiment about Reputation, “Lately I’ve been dressing up for revenge.” This song makes you feel like you’re part of a superhero movie, and you’re the ranger who fights the bad guys, just like you did.

3. Lavender Haze

Swift said this song was about how she dealt with strange rumors about her relationship with her current boyfriend. The first track from the album is an absolute hit. He introduces her fans to this new era and tells them that despite the media, she’s still into that Lavander Haze.

2. glitch

With a killer start saying, “We were just meant to be friends,” Swift sings about a relationship that wasn’t meant to happen because of time or distance but somehow found the way to thrive. Maybe it was an error in the matrix. Maybe it was meant to be.

1. Karma

If there’s one thing Swift knows, it’s how karma works. In this song, she references all the situations she has been through over the past two years and how she will allow her karma to return to the people who offended her. After all, “karma is a relaxing idea.”

Midnight is the result of 13 sleepless nights in which Swift turned into a masterpiece.

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