Tang Lu Murdered ex-wife Lamu By setting Her on Fire in TikTok Live Stream Video Twitter & Reddit

An extremely horrific video emerged a couple of years back when a social media influencer set his wife ablaze during the Live Tik Tok stream. All the viewers of the video were extremely shocked watching the video. The video wreaked havoc on the Internet and many of the viewers were highly disturbed after watching the video. The video even grabbed the attention of law enforcement that started their quick and brief investigation of the horrendous video. The person who brutally killed his wife identified as a popular social media influencer. Get more information on a social media influencer who set his wife on fire during a Tik Tok Live Stream.

As we just mentioned that the video has been live streamed by a popular social media influencer named Tang Lu. He was one of the famous social media personalities and Tik Toker as well. He came up with his heinous intentions and during live streaming on the popular video-sharing platform and he set his ex-wife on fire named Lamu. The entire incident ensued on 14th September 2022. The spooky video made the blood of its viewers run cold.

According to the reports, Tang Lu barged into his ex-wife’s father’s house. She was in the kitchen at the time he reached, Lu poured petrol on her and burned her alive. Lamu was live streaming in her kitchen when she become the victim of this appalling incident. In addition to this, Lamu filed a divorce in the month of June 2020 after a total of 11 years of her relationship with the Chinese influencer named Tang Lu. She was also a social media influencer on Douyin. The platform is considered the Chinese version of Tik Tok.

Even after getting divorced, Lu compelled Lamu to revive the marriage but Lamu denied him all the time. The entire statement has been released by Lu during a court hearing. As we informed above, the influencer went to her father’s house and burned her alive after pouring petrol on her. The 30 years old influencer succumbed to death by her severe injuries.

The court said that Lu deserved the sternest punishment for his brutality. After almost two years the Chinese influencer was executed by the court on Saturday after serving imprisonment. Lamu’s sister released a statement wherein she informed that her sister was suffering domestic violence after which she decided to split her way away. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.

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