Tang Lu Kills Lamu’s Ex-Wife By Burning Her On TikTok Live Stream Video Twitter & Reddit

An unbelievably gruesome video surfaced a few years later when a social media influencer burned his partner all over the Tik Tok Live stream. All the viewers of the video were extremely shocked to see the video. The video caused chaos on the Internet and many viewers were very disturbed after watching the video. The video even caught the attention of law enforcement who started their quick and tentative investigation into the horrendous video. People who brutally kill their partners are recognized as social media influencers of choice. Get additional data about the social media influencers that their partner is passionate about via Tik Tok Live Stream.

As we just talked about, the video has been streamed by a select social media influencer named Tang Lu. He is one of the many famous social media personalities as well as a Tik Toker. He got here together with his vile intentions and via streaming remains on the preferred video sharing platform and he set his ex-wife in the fireplace named Lamu. The full event took place on September 14, 2022. The spooky video made the audience’s blood flow.

According to research, Tang Lu broke into his ex-wife’s father’s house. He was in the kitchen when he arrived, Lu poured petrol on him and burned him alive. Lamu was flowing in her kitchen when she became a victim of this horrific incident. In addition, Lamu filed for divorce in June 2020 after completing her 11-year relationship with a Chinese influencer named Tang Lu. He is also a social media influencer in Douyin. This platform counts as the Chinese Tik Tok model.

Even after the divorce, Lu forced Lamu to revive the marriage but Lamu always refused. The full statement has been released by Lu throughout the court files heard. As we know above, the influencer went to his father’s house and burned him alive after pouring petrol on him. The 30-year-old influencer succumbed to the loss of his life due to his extreme accident.

Court documents state that Lu deserves the heaviest sentence for his brutality. After nearly two years, the Chinese influencer was executed by court file on Saturday after serving a prison sentence. Lamu’s sister launches an announcement where she finds out that her sister is battling domestic violence and after that she decides to separate her methods. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for additional data and updates.

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