Take care of your husband and your house, for silence is better than words, this is the perfection of faith

Take care of your husband’s shyness. Perhaps this is best suited to give to every married woman. Even if you feel unhappy, hurt, or even angry, there is no need to vent on social media.

Perhaps this way the wife feels satisfied and calm. But don’t let your partner get angry. We have to take care of our husband and our family. From people who don’t know, teens know what’s going on at home.

Silence is good and saw the husband and the house. In this way it will make us safer and this is part of the perfection of faith. One of Sha Ramson Abdullah’s instructions is that we, as wives, must remain silent and persevere. There is no need to shame our husbands and families.

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Take care of your husband’s shyness, you’d better shut up

Take Mizz Nina as an example.
Immediately she did not tell about her husband’s shame.
He faced his home audition but never told the public.

How strong she is to remain silent, survive and take care of her husband and family. I remembered the advice of the beloved Ali Zain Al-Abidin Al-Hamid in the death of the Prophet.

The Prophet ﷺ said:

Silence is moral, not only silence but silence has meaning and purpose. Discover Silence can be an act of worship.

Habib Ali Zain al-Abidin said, There is one worship that has a high and good value, and in fact it is part of the perfection of faith and that is silence.

The Prophet taught us about silence, which is not empty silence, but silence is worship.

“He who believes in God and the Last Day must speak well or be silent.”

The Prophet ﷺ said:
“He who is silent a lot is safe.”

Congratulations from what?
Safe from the dangers of conversation.

Silence will be safe

When a person speaks, what comes out of what he utters is called into question and held accountable in the afterlife. If he writes bad things or insulting writings, he will also be questioned and held accountable in the afterlife.

What is not questioned and unaccounted for is when we are silent and do not write bad things. This is the important part of safety because it is not written about bad things in the book Love by Angels. Everything we say and do will not escape the writing of the angel’s pen.

He who is silent will be saved.

The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: People will be thrown into Hell, with their heads and noses falling first. No legs.

Why did the head or nose fall first?

“No person will be thrown into Hell on his head as a result of what comes out (of speech) from his mouth and tongue.”

“No one in hell threw his nose first because his nose is closer to the mouth, so God threw him in hell because of his mouth that speaks things that do not belong.”

Especially when strife occurs.

The story of Seti Maryam when she was born without a husband is enough to be a lesson for us. something unusual. How do we explain to people?

What did City Mary ask for?

“I swear to Almighty God that I do not want to speak.”

Why did Seti Maryam vow not to speak?

if speaking
People will say he’s lying, people will say he’s lying, and they won’t believe because this is a matter of slander.

Speaking of… a mistake.
Silence is wrong.
Then choose silence.
Why choose silence?
“He who is silent will be saved.”

Weekly Woman: Very true. There is no need to untie the couple. Because we are not necessarily perfect. silence is better.

source: Sha Ramson Abdullah

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