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‘Take advantage of the time together, as long as God allows.’ The important thing is to keep your mouth shut when you go home, Mom, Dad

‘Take advantage of the time together, as long as God allows.’ The most important thing is to keep your mouth shut when you return home to our mothers and fathers. Do not visit mother with good intentions, father is stained with feelings of hurt and despair.

Sometimes we don’t realize that words that are taken for granted to our ears hurt the hearts of mothers and fathers who are getting older. It’s really sad when this happens.

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Enjoy the time together

Share Ws Adli W Muhammad,

Back at mom and dad’s house, there are some things we need to take care of. Especially our mouths. Among them:

1. When mom serves water, we drink it and the water tastes a little sweet or tasteless, just be quiet and avoid telling nonsense to mom. Mother is old. Maybe his sense of taste has changed, or he’s forgotten.

Verses like “How sweet is your mother’s water! Mother’s water is so cheap!” just in our hearts.

Go to the kitchen, get boiled water, mix it with our water. After we’re done, tell mom why we did that. Make a little joke. Mom is happy.

Done. Mother is not discouraged, her feelings are not hurt.

As long as God allows

2. When mom cooks, mom invites us to eat, go eat. No problem with diet. The important thing is that we don’t tell mom that we haven’t eaten, this is supposed to take care of our bodies.

I have to guard my heart. If you don’t eat rice, eat side dishes and vegetables. I am very happy to see my children eat.

I vividly remember watching us eat, imagining when we were little.

I usually eat slowly. The reason is nothing, just take the opportunity to sneak in and watch us eat the food. Really pretty for mom.

O mother, the more mature your heart is the more easily touched. You can cry even while laughing. Right?

The important thing is to keep your mouth

3. When we arrived, I looked around and my father was not there. Daddy sleeps. Or even when we are at his house, we notice that dad often sleeps.

We don’t need to go to dad’s room, wake him up. Let it go, dad. Let daddy wake up alone.

When dad leaves the room, avoid greetings like “Hey bro, are you satisfied with your sleep? Hey dad, good night.”

Father is old. The road is not as good as it used to be. His energy is decreasing. It was different when I was young. Remember that.

It’s time for dad to rest.

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When back

4. Dad likes to take us for walks. Sometimes not going anywhere, just around the village, around the city for a while.

Avoid saying “I don’t want to go”. Another time.”

When we were little, these are people who never get tired of asking us to patrol everywhere. Whether driving a vehicle or walking, whether carried, supported by us or placed on the back of his neck.

Very. The father’s request was actually to cure his longing that once took us for a walk.

The difference is, we carry it.

To Mom’s, Dad’s House

Be it us or those who go first, decide to give them the best service.

Take advantage of the time together as long as you still get permission from Allah. Until one day, this is a longing that will not be erased from our minds and hearts, as well as theirs. Remain forever as long as life is contained within the body.

WS Adli W Muhammad,
Bless them, heaven.

Kashoorga: Appreciate mom, dad while they are still around.

Source: WS Adli W Muhammad

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