Synopsis of Drakor 2037 Sub Indo, Korean film that is going viral – Drakor 2037 Sub Indo – We know that one of the activities that many netizens are interested in is watching movies, right? Especially for millennial children who are active on social media.

Well, lately there have been a lot of netizens discussing Korean films with the drama genre, namely movie 2037. In fact, a lot of footage from the film 2037 has appeared on social media. Especially tiktok.

If you are one of the active users of social media, of course you have come across a post which displays one of the scenes in the video korean movie 2037. Because it’s already spread. So, are you curious and interested to watch it too?

beware, Korean drama movie 2037 It is starred by a series of famous Korean actors and actresses. Like, Hong Ye Ji, Kim Ji Young, Jun So Min, and many others. Where every scene in the 2037 film is successful in making the audience carried away. So, is it true like that? Let’s prove it, by listening 2037 movie synopsis first in the comments below.

Korean Drama Movie 2037

A 19-year-old high school student named Yoong Young dreams of working in the government. But unfortunately, he had to experience a bitter incident in his life.

Yoon Young, who is about to graduate from school, must prepare herself for the final exam.

Yoon Young lives with her mother who is deaf. Yoon Young himself is a good child and he often helps his mother, the figure of Kyung Sook. Well, after he graduated from school Yoon Young really wanted to continue his education to a higher level, this was done so that he could realize his dream as a civil servant.

However, due to the difficult economic situation, Yoon Young finally decided to work part-time and always help his mother.

One moment, in the middle of working, it was unexpected that one of the men tried to harass Yoon Young.

Being in a very scary position, Yoon Young tries to protect himself from the harassment. However, when he tried to fight the man, he accidentally killed the man who was about to harass him.

Because of the resistance, Yoon Young finally had to languish behind bars. And he was given a prison suit with the number 2037.

From there Yoon Young was called “Convict 2037”, so like it or not, Yoon Young had to accept and live his life behind bars.

After he lived in prison for a long time, Yoon Young finally ventured to get acquainted with his cellmates, and finally no.12 became Yoon Young’s best friend.

Jung Mi is Yoon Young’s friend and another friend offers Yoon Young hope to always protect her.

Synopsis of Drakor 2037 Sub Indo

Drama Movie 2037 tells the story of a girl named Yoon Young who is 19 years old. Where the girl lives alone with her mother and is preparing for the test to become a civil servant.

Well, Yoon Young himself did that while working part time. His desire to go to school like his friends but he still prioritizes his exams and passes as soon as possible.

Because Yoon Young did everything for her deaf mother. However, an unexpected incident changes the fate of Yoon Young, who was originally a victim to become one of the suspects.

Thus, taking him to prison until it is called the prisoner code “2037”. Stuck in a desperate situation, but his comrades in Cell No. 12 offers to help protect Yoon.

Then, how? Quite an interesting drama to follow, right? For that, before entering the link to watch it, you should know information about interesting facts from this film. Because, there are a number of facts that become an attraction and will be able to make you more confident to watch the film.

The reason is, apart from Hong Ye-Ji’s debut as the main character in “2037”, there are other things that can add insight into this high-rated Korean film. So that you are not curious, here is an explanation.

Interesting Facts about 2037 Korean Movie

  • The film “2037” not only shines because it is filled by Hong Ye-Ji. However, this film also brought a number of veteran Korean artists whose acting is second to none. Examples are Kim Ji-Young and Jeon So-Min.
  • Senior artist Kim Ji-Young himself is currently still filming the drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” (2022) which airs on Disney+.
  • The film “2037” has even become a comeback film for senior artist Jeon So-Min after a 10-year hiatus from acting. Where he more often appears on “Running Man” as a host.
  • The inmate who fills cell number 12 in this film is rumored to be appearing on “Running Man” with Jeon So Min, you know. Well, they will fill the slot “Running Man episode 605” which raises the theme of the murder mystery of the maknae PD.
  • For the last interesting fact is with regard to the story. The story in the film “2037” was written and directed by Mo Hong-Jin. Well, he is a famous director who has successfully directed various Korean films. One of them is “Missing You” (2007).

Link Watch Korean Movie 2037 Sub Indo Full Movie

Since June 8, 2022 Korean Movie 2037 this has been released, have watched it a lot through the Viki streaming application. So, for those of you who are curious, you can directly visit the site or the streaming application to watch this viral film, so you can install the Viki application and create an account first.

But before that, it should be noted by you that to watch movies on this streaming application you must first have a subscription package. Now, if you are already registered in the premium subscription service on Viki, you can now directly visit the official broadcasting page via the link below:

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  6. And if the package is successfully obtained, then you can now directly watch the latest Korean 2037 film.

Enough of a brief review that Mimin can share on this occasion about Synopsis of Drakor 2037 Sub Indo, Korean film that is going viral. Hopefully the above information can be useful and add to your insight and all of the above information can be used properly. That’s all, and thank you for visiting and see you next time!

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