Synopsis and Review Devil Sister, Love Couples Age Difference

As people say, “Love will come to anyone, regardless of who and at what age”. This is what happened to the couple Irin and Namcha.

Not only have different personalities, they also have an age gap of up to 7 years. Of course this is not easy for both of them because they have to hide their relationship from everyone.

Devil Sister (2022) is the latest drama produced by GMMTV which many people have been waiting for. One of the reasons is because this drama pairs two top celebrities, namely Min Pechaya and Win Metawin, who act as a couple.

Even the director guarantees that this drama has a good plot baper and very funny. What do you think Irin and Namcha must go through behind their relationship backstreet both for years?

In order not to be curious anymore, you can read a more complete synopsis and review of the drama, only on Bacaterus.

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Having very opposite personalities, Irin and Namcha’s relationship is also hindered by the age difference of seven years. Irin is always reluctant to reveal her relationship with Namcha. Actually, what is the reason behind this?

Episode 1-2

Review Devil Sister Episode 1-2__

Having a beautiful face and perfect body shape, who doesn’t like Irin? It seems that everyone will immediately fall in love with her extraordinary beautiful face. But this only exists in fairy tales.

The reason is, Irin’s figure looks more like “devil” from any angle. Just imagine, every day all employees in a publishing company are made nervous. Not only must they have a good performance, they also have to look perfect in Irin’s eyes.

One small mistake, Irin will immediately fire him, one of them is the security guard at the office who was fired just because of lavender perfume. As for Irin, everyone in her office is very incompetent and often makes her feel stressed.

Review Devil Sister Episode 1-2_1_

The only person who can get rid of the dizziness in his head is Namcha, the handsome and kind veterinarian.

That day Irin deliberately came to the veterinary clinic, to save Namcha from one of the dog owners who became their patient. Although claiming to be Namcha’s lover, their relationship has actually ended a long time ago.

No one knew that Namcha and Irin had dated a few years ago. But this relationship foundered because Irin only considered Namcha like a child who was too young for her.

On the other hand, Namcha was very tired of everyone’s perception of her as a child, whether it was Irin or the senior doctor at the clinic. Not only that, Namcha was even more furious when he found out that Irin was going to be set up with another man.

Namcha was annoyed and asked Irin to keep their promise a few years ago, Irin must not marry another man besides her. Otherwise, Namcha will cause trouble at the wedding.

Irin didn’t have the choice to accept Namcha’s request, after all, her heart still belonged to Namcha. But behind Namcha and Irin’s ups and downs, there is Inn, Irin’s sister, who is jealous.

Since they were little, Inn has fallen in love with Namcha which ends up being a one-sided love. Not to mention lawyer Jin, who looks so eager to get Irin’s attention and love.

Very Interesting Drama Opening

Devil Sister Review Episode 1-2_A Very Interesting Opening Drama_

Open with scene Iron to “devil”, I’m sure no one can resist Min Pechaya’s charm. The beauty that she gave in the first episode is impossible for Thai drama fans to miss.

Besides that scene This is even more beautiful, when Win Metawin appears as the partner of Irin’s character. But what I like the most, GMMTV provides a very clear conflict in just two episodes.

From this we can understand that Irin and Namcha are lovers who are separated because of the large age gap. Irin who keeps refusing actually still has feelings for Namcha, especially since this man is getting older.

Not wanting to dwell on just one problem, they immediately bombarded this relationship with two other conflicts.

First, Irin, who was betrothed by her grandfather to a man named Jin, who is an easy lawyer trusted by Grandpa Anon. On the other hand, Inn is Irin’s sister, who turns out to love the same man as her brother.

Plot twist-Inn knows Irin and Namcha’s past relationship, but he still acts like a kind and innocent little brother.

These two problems become very important capital to make the audience curious about the storyline. What problems do you think will come to this young couple?

The Charm of Win Metawin As a Veterinarian

Devil Sister Review Episode 1-2_The Enchantment of Win Metawin as a Veterinarian_

Not much different from the characters in the drama 2gether (2020) day F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021), this time Win Metawin remains flower boy handsome and sweet.

The difference is that the figure of Namchan he plays is a veterinarian. It is not surprising that a veterinarian as handsome as Win Metawin can make female patients feel at home in the clinic.

Not only with a doctor’s coat you know, in this drama Win Metawin shows more promising acting skills. For example, there is a scene when Namcha is operating on a snake that was a victim of a hit and run. Scene which is quite extreme, moreover the snake used looks like a real snake.

But behind his sweet figure, it turns out that Namcha’s character is a man who doesn’t give up easily. Seen from his pursuit of Irin, this man is truly total and knows how to make women’s minds and hearts go crazy.

After months of keeping fans waiting for the broadcast schedule, finally Devil Sister (2022) managed to amaze the audience. Indeed, the premise and plot seem mainstream, but GMMTV’s ability to develop the story is unquestionable.

The love story between Irin and Namcha, makes the audience feel baper while watching the drama. Stay tuned for the continuation of the story of the two of them in the drama Devil Sister (2022) this, yes!

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