Summary and review of special delivery, speed up work and professional courier death challenge

Tense verbs are indeed one of the coolest genres of movies to watch. The box full of bombarding feelings of every scene makes movie lovers addicted, which is what you’ll also get with this South Korean movie.

Film Special Delivery Poster (Foto: Next Entertainment World)

he is special deliveryIt is a movie directed by Park Dae Min that was released on January 12, 2022, and was released on the Prime Video platform. special delivery It tells the story of an employee of a junk car assembly company in Busan. However, it turns out that he has an additional job as a courier for anything not delivered by courier services in general.

Characters and Special Delivery Briefs
Park So Dam as Jung Eunha on a special delivery (Photo: Next Entertainment World)

Starring Park So Dam, this young actress constantly gets offers for drama and movie projects due to her outstanding acting skills, especially parasite whose name has increasingly jumped into the entertainment world.

The 1991-born actress plays Jung Eunha, an employee at Baekgang Company, who collects used cars for repairs and sends them overseas. Behind her seemingly ordinary job, Eunha turns out to be a courier for any “package” that carriers don’t generally accept, such as bringing fugitives from point A to point B, equipped with extraordinary driving skills.

Kim Eui Sang as CEO Baek, and Han Hyun Min as Asif (Image: Next Entertainment World)

Baekgang’s president, CEO Baek (starring Kim Eui Sang) is also in charge of Jung Eunha’s own business. With the help of Mechanic Asif (starring Han Hyun Min), the wrecked cars are transformed into perfect condition, ready to be taken away. rush by Jung Eunha.

Jeong Hyun Jun as Seo Won, and Song Sae Byeok as Jo Kyung Pil (Photo: Next Entertainment World)

However, Eunha’s reputation as a private courier with a 100% success rate must be tarnished due to her job of having the baby (starring Jeong Hyun Jun) from a baseball player who evades police money who is a sports bookmaker (starring Song Sae Byeok).

Endless exciting action
Special Delivery (Photo: Next Entertainment World)

Jung Eunha, a 27-year-old single girl, becomes a private courier who earns her millions of money in one job. His ability to drive a car to deceive the police who are stalking him as he holds a “kick” has been introduced since the beginning of the movie. special delivery this is.

Not only fluent in pedals and gears, the character, starring Park So Dam, also makes a great action when fighting with the thugs who chase after her, combining dexterity with agility, closing off his weakness as a woman.

Special Delivery (Photo: Next Entertainment World)

If you often “gobble up” action movies like The Fast and the Furious or baby driver And it is full of car chases, you definitely feel very similar special delivery this is. Filled with a typical South Korean story, which makes the film a project one of a kind.

Focus story in one line
Special Delivery (Photo: Next Entertainment World)

Director Park Dae Min who is also a story writer special delivery He doesn’t seem to want to make his business long-term. Starting from the beginning of the movie, the core special delivery It was delivered in a clear private message especially things that could break the law.

However, this makes the audience have to put a lot of effort in their minds to find out the background of the other characters involved, and your detective spirit is sure to be tested in this special delivery this is. To even find out what situation made Jung Eunha stalked by Jo Kyung Pil (played by Song Sae Byeok), you have to put together “puzzle pieces” from the sentences that come out of the characters’ mouths.

Park So Dam’s Rendezvous With “Her Stepson”
Special Delivery (Photo: Next Entertainment World)

project special delivery Park So Dam, the main character in this movie, recreates with Jeong Hyun Jun, the 2011-born child actor who has starred in dozens of South Korean dramas and films.

Previously, Park So Dam and Jeong Hyun Jun previously played roles in films parasiteWhich has won many awards at home and abroad. Although they were co-workers on the same project, Park So Dam and Jeong Hyun Jun managed to showcase chemistry Different, removing the characters of Ki Jung and Da Song in the movie parasite.

Casting Team and Special Director (Photo: Next Entertainment World)

In general, a movie special delivery It was really aimed at those who like movies of similar genres, and who are already good at small information to complete the outline of the story.

For those of you who don’t like watching similar movies special delivery, pressing the “back 10 seconds” button would be something that is done repeatedly while sending a “Huh??” response. While watching this Park So Dam movie.

Special Delivery (Photo: Next Entertainment World)

Curious to enjoy the feeling of beating when you see Jung Eunha’s quick and skilful movement? You can watch special delivery Via Prime Video Streaming Service. (

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