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Strictly Come Dancing 2022: The most memorable moment of all time

For years, Strictly Come Dance has provided TV viewers Saturday night entertainment and some truly unforgettable shows.

First aired in 2004 with Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly as hosts, Strictly looks like a celebrity reality TV show like no other.

However, the event soon became a huge national and international hit, with everyone from politicians to YouTubers taking up the challenge of learning ballroom dancing.

Along the way, there are a few shows you can’t forget regardless of whether they deserved a perfect 40 or burned into your brain for all the wrong reasons.

From best to very, very bad, here are 12 of Strictlymost memorable moment.

Ed Balls doing “Gangnam Style”

When Ed Balls with the fame of “tweeting his own name” was announced as a contestant, it was assumed that he would be a omitted joke within one of the first weeks. But, under Katya Jones’ masterful choreography, the Labor politician is actually a pretty decent dancer, spoiling audiences with this unforgettable performance with Psy’s “Gangnam Style” that sends her flying through the air like a grasshopper.

Strict judges give their first 40

Scored a perfect 40 on Strictly is every contestant’s dream, but while 75 dances scored full marks in the 18 show series, they used to be pretty rare. The first 40 entered Strictlyfinal series 2, with Eastenders star Jill Halfpenny and her partner Darren Bennet perform one of the slickest Jives the show has ever seen.

Danny Mac’s features stunning Samba

Strictly many, many things, but rarely called cool. Sometimes, though, such dances manage to slip, with Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse’s Samba to Sergio Mendes’ “Magalenha” somehow managing to dance neatly and effortlessly into one. We will see; You will see what we mean.

Ann Widecombe was dragged across the floor

At the other end of the dance talent spectrum, we have Ann Widecombe. Politicians come in Strictly with the idea that they’re going to be evil, and when you see Widecombe and John Sergeant dancing, you understand why. Watching former Conservative lawmakers stomp – and then be dragged – across the floor was certainly impressive, with head jury Len Goodman comparing this performance to a highway crash that “you don’t really want to watch, but you can’t help yourself”.

Rose Ayling-Ellis dance in silence

As the first deaf contestant to compete at Strictly last year, EastEnders star Rose Ayling-Ellis was a huge hit with the public and judges alike. Using muscle memory to learn routines from partner Giovanni Pernice, the actor proved to be a natural dancer and ended up winning the series – thanks, in short, to the unforgettable Choice of Couple routine. While dancing to “Symphony” by Clean Bandit, the moment arrives when the music disappears and the couple dances in complete silence, giving viewers an insight into Rose’s own experience on the show. If you can watch this without crying, you are braver than me.

Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy stuck

Strictly have seen their fair share of wardrobe malfunctions over the years, but the worst came in series four when Mark Ramprakash’s microphone caught in the hem of his partner’s dress and brought their Salsa to a halt. The pair were fortunately allowed to leave again, with Bruce Forsyth stating: “I love it, it’s live television, that’s all”. They scored 36 and then did it again (without a hitch) in the final where they got a second perfect 40 of the event.

Bill Bailey’s finds Quickstep’s surprising success

After scoring 15 points for the first week of Cha Cha Cha, Bill Bailey seems destined to be a short-lived contestant on the 2020 competitive series. Strictly. So it’s fair to say that her second week of dance, Doctor Doolittle-themed Quickstep, really came out of the blue, wowing the audience, the home crowd, and the judges. He went on to become the oldest winner of a BBC show with his professional partner Oti Mabuse. What an improvement!

Quentin Wilson branded “Britain’s worst dancer”

The one-mark paddle has just been issued Strictly 11 times in 18 show series, but Quentin Wilson’s Cha Cha Cha managed to get two of them. Wearing a glittering L-plate on his back, Wilson was branded “Britain’s worst dancer” by Craig Revel Horwood for this performance, scoring just eight points and earning the title. Strictlyworst dance of all time. Ouch.

John Sergeant drags his comrade to the floor

We really have to stop letting these politicians do Pasos, right? John Sergeant following similar Strictly way to Widecombe, but this time he doing dragging in Paso Doble. He somehow managed to make his partner’s petite, dance champion, Kristina Rihanoff, look like a sack of potatoes as he dragged her to the floor.

Kelvin Fletcher surprises audiences with his first Samba

We can’t even imagine the pressure on Kelvin Fletcher when he came on in the last minute to replace the injured Jamie Laing. Strictly 2019. But despite not being in the original line-up, and having half the practice time of his fellow contestants, Emmerdale The actor gave a week of performances like no other with an incredible combination of the widest smiles you’ll ever see, incredibly tight shirts and impressive dance moves. Talk about making an entrance.

The Simpsons horror show… happens

Some of the dances on this list are memorable because they’re so good, some because they’re “so funny to the point of being ugly”. In 18 series Strictlythere is only one dance we would describe as “absolutely traumatic” and that is Max George and Dianne Buswell’s Street/Commercial routine for ItSimpsons Theme song. What makes it so disconcerting is that the dancing is technically powerful, but clouded by a nightmarish concept that brings together creepy costumes and eerie, lyrical-free music that feels like a fevered dream. It must be memorable to make us look at Homer’s donuts when we close our eyes. We are in hell – please help.

Caroline Flack doing Charleston

Caroline Flack is one of the best female celebrities to ever compete Strictly, and this routine to “Instanbul” perfectly encapsulates the excitement the dance brings. He’s excellent at dancing solo and in sync with partner Pasha Kovalev, and this easy fun routine manages to take the pressure off of Kovalev’s hat dropping in the middle of routines and extra dancers that are always unnecessary. So much fun to watch from a dancer who was brilliant and truly missed.

Strictly Come DanceThe live show will air on Saturday night on BBC One.


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