Story & How Old is Jawhead Mobile Legends (ML)? – What is the story and how old is Jawhead in Mobile Legends? Jawhead is a Fighter-type hero in Mobile Legends. Interestingly, this one hero carries a little girl on his head. Of course, many Mobile Legends players are curious about the relationship between the two.

For this reason, on this occasion Gamedaim Tips will provide information about the story of the Jawhead hero in the Mobile Legends game. This one hero is often played as an offlaner, but not a few we also encounter many people who use it as a tanker. Jawhead Mobile Legends Has sick damage as a Fighter and strong endurance as a tank.

The Story of Hero Jawhead Mobile Legends (MLBB)

As you know, all the heroes in Mobile Legends have very interesting stories. One of them is the meta fighter hero, Jawhead. Jawhead is one of the fighter heroes who is often played as an offlaner or tanker, with his skill abilities, Jawhead is very strong and a favorite in Mobile Legends.

Once upon a time somewhere in the Land of Dawn there was a dark organization that existed centuries ago. This organization is recorded in the history of the Land of Dawn but no one knows what the purpose of this organization is. But what is certain is that every time there is chaos, it is the figures in the organization who emerge and control the peace.

Elsewhere, one of the professors named Henry and his wife work at a place called Dawn Council, they are very well known for their very diverse technological research. Various kinds of technology have been produced which are used to help the government and the surrounding community. One day they managed to make a very sophisticated technology called Smart-01, this latest creation has a very extraordinary intelligence and is also very strong than the previous creation.

This technology is designed in such a way to control genetics, so that it can move freely according to the consciousness of the controller. Then the officials at the Dawn Council saw the potential of this new robot, then used it in warfare so they ordered the Professor to send his creation to the government, so that it could be mass produced.

But the professor refused with orders, his invention technology did not want to be misused to become a weapon of war. After refusing, the Government was furious and ordered that the technology and laboratories as well as their data be destroyed.

How old is Jawhead Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

Curious how old is Jawhead’s hero in Mobile Legends? Regarding this, unfortunately Moonton as the developer did not mention the age of each of these heroes. However, we estimate his current age to be around 21 – 26 years.

Thus a review of the story and how old it is Jawhead Mobile Legends?. May be useful.

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