Steven Sim Buys A Motorcycle For A M’sian To Start His New Life After 20 Years Of Statelessness

Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament (AP), Steven Sim Chee Keong who is famous for his philanthropic activities is back, this time giving the latest information on Mei, a Malaysian who has just received citizenship after 20 years of statelessness. . Browsing his official Facebook page, Steven shared the story of May’s life and her struggle to live as a stateless person in our country despite being born, raised and educated in our country.

Steven next shares how May is not from a family and how he fully understands the value of education. After graduating from high school, May worked for a year to save some money to continue her studies. Last year, thanks to his hard work and dedication, he was able to enroll in an IT Diploma course at a local institution.

Mp for sharp hill, steven sim (left) with mei (right).

Steven said Mei always wanted to be an IT developer and shared her dreams and struggles with the Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament in various meetings throughout the year. In fact, now after continuing her studies, Mei is still working part -time to pay for tuition fees and daily expenses.

She goes to study and work via public transport and through part -time work, her monthly income is not fixed and it is all used to pay room rent, study expenses and food. Thankfully, Mei finally got citizenship through the help of the Penang State Government which helped her a lot to ease her struggle.

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Now that he is no longer stateless, May immediately went to get a motorcycle license to make it easier for him to commute to work and class. In fact, he also plans to supplement his income by becoming part -time as a Grab Food delivery rider.

When reuniting with Steven on Friday (13 May 2022), Mei sought Bukit Mertajam’s advice on her studies and shared how she now saves some money to buy a used motorcycle.

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Touched by his struggle and determination, Steven decides to help May by getting her a new motorcycle using his own money. They then decided to get a new Honda Wave with an on -road price of around RM5,100.

Previously, Steven also helped May by buying her a laptop to help with her studies before accepting her citizenship. The Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament then shared the conditions for May to receive help from him in a Facebook post:

“I only have one condition for May, which is to study hard. If he has to decide between studying or working, choose studying. Study until you get a degree and not just stop at a diploma. ”

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“Then, when May has the ability, help others who need help as well, regardless of race and religion.”

Great! We definitely need more leaders like Steven Sim in Malaysia. What do you all think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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