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The most powerful trick you can do when you want to download videos on YouTube either in MP3 or MP4 form is to use YouTube ss. By using this youtube ss, you can all download youtube videos without any application.

As we know, installing applications on smartphone devices will of course take up a lot of storage space. Therefore, if there is a method of downloading YouTube videos in HD without using an application, you must choose this step.

This method is perfect for those of you who want to download YouTube videos in HD, but don’t want to bother installing additional applications first. Of course this step is the most effective thing to do continuously.

Youtube is currently one of the largest applications whose users include people all over the world. Millions of videos in various forms every day are uploaded through this platform, either in the form of MP4 videos or even MP3 music.

Because of the variety of videos uploaded, of course sometimes it creates a sense of desire to download one of the videos on YouTube. Because of this, one of the simplest and most effective steps is to use youtube ss.

What is SS Youtube

ss youtube mp3

As I mentioned earlier, the ss youtube downloader is a step you can take to download videos on youtube in HD without the need to bother installing additional applications that might take up storage space.

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Of the many steps when you want to download YouTube videos in HD, either using an application or a youtube video downloader site, https ss youtube is the one that I think is more effective, ideal and also simple to do when you want to save the yt video to the gallery.

In the past, maybe you felt that downloading YouTube videos to the gallery was a bit inconvenient because you had to use additional applications that had a fairly large size, but now you don’t need to do that because there are already SS YouTube mp3 and mp4.

Actually, this ss youtube downloader method uses the help of the site, it’s just that in its operation you don’t need to directly visit the savefrome site or use the application because it can be done directly on the youtube window.

Of course, using the letter ss before www will shorten the time and make it easier for you all when you want to download youtube videos to storage space, which of course you can watch anytime and anywhere without needing an internet quota again.

Of course this is very effective for you to do when you want to save on internet quota usage. So, instead of watching it repeatedly on YouTube, which of course wastes internet quota, it’s a good idea to just download the yt video.

How to Use SS Youtube Downloader

youtube downloader ss

As I have mentioned through some of the reviews above, of the many steps when you want to download YouTube MP3 or MP4 videos to your device storage, youtube ss is the easiest, most effective and also simple step for all of you to do.

In addition, you can also apply this step through several devices at once. For example, if you want to save YouTube videos to the cellphone gallery, then you can do it easily through the cellphone, and vice versa if you want to use a PC.

Via Hp

The first step is to use a cellphone device. This method is perfect for you to do when there is a video on youtube that you want to save to your cellphone only. To do so is quite easy and simple, which is as follows:

  1. First, please you open the Youtube app
  2. After that, how to download the video you want and save to gallery
  3. Then copy URL or Video link by Tap the Share menuss youtube mp4
  4. Then continue by clicking Copy Link https ss youtube
  5. At this stage, please open the application Web Browser
  6. Continue with Paste the copied link was on the search
  7. Here please add SS after www, for example then OK
  8. Then you will be directed to the download page, here please select Resolution then click Download
  9. Wait download process a moment ago
  10. Done

Via PC

In addition to using a cellphone, you can also easily download YouTube videos without using an application on a PC. This step is perfect for you to do, when there is a video that you want to save to your PC’s device file manager.

  1. First, please go to Youtube site
  2. Then search videos which you want to download later
  3. After that, lsee link or URL at the top of the Address Bar
  4. Then tap the URL then add SS before www, for example then Enter
  5. Here you will be directed to youtube video download page
  6. At this stage, please select Resolution what do you want
  7. If you have chosen a resolution, please click Download ss youtube com video
  8. Wait the download process up to a while
  9. When finished, the video will be saved to the Downloads folder
  10. Done

Advantages of Using SS Youtube

ss youtube download

HD resolution

One of the advantages that you can get when using ss youtube is that the video you have downloaded will have the most HD resolution according to the level of resolution of the video you are going to download. Of course something like this will be one of the advantages that are very interesting.

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Moreover, with very HD quality, the videos you download can later be seen clearly and clearly without reducing the quality of the original video. The currently available formats are MP4 and Webm with a choice of video quality up to 1080 pixels.

Can Be Used Without Application

One of the most important points when you use https ss youtube is that you no longer need to use additional applications that may later be able to fill the storage space of the device you are currently using, of course it becomes very ineffective.

Moreover, the device you are currently using has specifications that are not qualified. Of course the impact is on the device you are using, it may be slower and cause many problems on the cellphone such as errors and even crashes.

Able to Convert To MP3

Although actually downloading youtube videos to the gallery is in the form of MP4 or Webm, it turns out that you can still convert the video into another format, namely MP3. This format itself is intended for music and is the latest format at this time.

Converting videos to MP3 may be really needed when you download several video lists on YouTube that have music in them such as full album Djs, a collection of songs from several singers, or maybe a collection of rock songs that are put together.

Live Video Saved To Gallery

One of the other advantages that you can get when using the steps above is that the videos you download from YouTube will go directly to the storage gallery. Because it goes straight in, of course you will not be asked for an approval notification again.

This is a very effective option because you can download YouTube videos quickly and easily. But of course after you click Download, there will be a download process first according to the size of the video that you will save later.

Easy to use

Of the several ways to download videos on youtube, indeed using ss youtube download is the easiest. Because you only need to add the letter ss on the front of the youtube URL which you will later save to the cellphone gallery.

After adding the letter ss on the front of the www, you will be directed to the youtube video download page. At this stage, you only need to choose the format you want to use, either MP3 or MP4, after that just click download. How easy isn’t it?


That was the discussion about the ss youtube downloader, how easy is it, isn’t it? By knowing some of the things I have said above, of course you all can easily download YouTube videos without the need to use an application.

Thus the discussion this time, hopefully it can be very useful for all of you and don’t forget to share it on your respective social media so that other youtube application users can find out some of the useful information that I shared above.


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