“Sports, Mama Norlia is really good at dancing..” – Netizen

Didie Alias ​​Dan Norlia Ghani Dance Video Attracts A Lot Of Attention. Wow, Mama Norlia’s style is so cute!!

Previously, Didie Alias ​​shared a video of actress Norlia Ghani on her Instagram account. Sharing the previous story has entertained many people. This time, Didie invited Norlia to make TikT0k together.

This few seconds long video features Didie and Norlia dancing. What caught the attention of netizens was Norlia’s attitude sporting to participate in dancing with Didie. Even Norlia also looks very good at dancing.

The two actors are currently filming for their latest drama. So when there is free time there are only activities to do. Only then incident when you’re at work, when there’s an entertaining moment.

This video sharing has received more than 4K likes since it was uploaded. We rarely see Norlia dance. Even though M4lu looks embarrassed, he still follows Didie’s awkwardness, hehe.

Let’s watch the video below:

In the comments column, many praised Norlia’s dance style. Among the comments given by netizens:

“He’s exercising.. Mama Norlia seems to have just danced.. Slow down sister norliaghaniofficial48, she’s just dancing..”

“Mama Norlia is really good at dancing… her style is great.. I like happy people like this.. we’re old enough to be happy sometimes..”

“Parents are very afraid to dance. It looks polite but there is a rhythm.. so no.. the funny thing is that you two are.. haha.. it was here because there was Mommy Norlia who was interested in acting..”

“Ouch.. if it’s tiktok this time again.. I want Aunt Norlia to face indifferent.. all my veins are twitching treating mummy DD..”

“Come on Mommy’s kebaya.. Mama Norlia is good.. From Mama Noorlia’s cost.. More vouge, please see.. It’s an old movie, come here..”

“Two legends that I’m crazy about.. all the acting is norliaghaniofficial48 ladydidiemsia.. the fate of the wig is not stuck..”

“Mama Norliah.. One of the most talented veteran artists.. Acting singing and dancing.. I can do it.. Look at chacha because she’s beautiful…”

Of course, this combined drama of Didie Alias ​​and Norlia Ghani is very entertaining. Know that these two actors are very talented and funny. Plus working with some other great actors.

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Source: IG Didie Alias

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