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“Sporting my mother-in-law too..” [VIDEO] Think that the newlyweds feel both, as the mother is next to you. – Soy lemon

Newlyweds Sweet Qismina and Adam Lee thank the public for congratulating them as newlyweds. The wedding of this famous couple was well received by Malaysians. Mean is also happy to see Sweet and Adam’s happiness.

Through a video shared by tiktok liprincessas, where Adam Lee said that he did not have time to respond to all the wishes from fans. This split must have caught the attention of many netizens, especially seeing that Sweet’s mother was also with them.


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Thinking about the feelings of both of you.. It seems like our mother-in-law is on the side of the sports plate, mother-in-law.”

Wow, it’s so obvious that my mother-in-law is so sporty, congrats!…”-commented one netizen

Many netizens praised the attitude of Sweet Qismina’s mother for the ‘sporting’ service towards her son-in-law Adam Lee. Average says Adam Lee is lucky to have a very ‘sporty’ mother-in-law.

Netizen Comments:

@normahjamain: congratulations.

@saliya3092: I remember in bed, suddenly his mother was there.

@Affalina Asri: Don’t forget about the bed. suddenly mom came to sblah.

@Ainnnnnn: haa shut up who is different the sweet dance article is tuu… her parents are crazy too.

@Lala: Think about your feelings.. Our mother-in-law looks like her mother-in-law is on the side of the sports plate.

@Maya Soffia: eh, mom’s behavior is cute.

@xtizor: Mom looks like a celebrity, doesn’t she?

@animaryani518: Adam and sweetness are the same. mother-in-law’s best dictation.

@zailatulfatihah: I remember only 2 people last time, my mom is ad skali, she is sporty.

@Nur Aira: congratulations, you have passed away brother.

@[email protected]: the better.

@REL APRIYESI: SM is here. I also had a good mother-in-law. Sing is very close to me, like a child who has died alone.

@cempakaisme: It’s so obvious that my mother-in-law can do sports like that, congrats!

@darlingzulsham: Mother-in-law is a fortune to take care of children, mother leklok.

@MasrinaYusoff: Bahasa. we were surprised. congratulations.

@n4bil4h: the last part hahah there are others near me.

@kak ngah: sweet, laugh when adam says ‘woman’ lol it’s normal, it just feels bad.

@ayongayong3207: It’s a good thing you can get a sporty mother-in-law. thanks God

@AS: Laaah mother in law is there once. sports outside.

However. Congratulations to the newlyweds are still on the lips of average netizens. May the marriage of this famous couple be happy to heaven. InshaAllah, Amen.

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