“Soraya’s many gifts, it’s like a wedding gift you’ve seen ..” – Netizen

Pictures Around Ain Edruce’s Son, Soraya’s First Birthday Party. Soraya Senyum is cute, it looks really festive !!

The face of this celebrity daughter is said to have inherited the sweet charm of the mother, even her name also carries a beautiful meaning as a reflection of the appearance she has. In addition to the classic name, the cute face of the son of the lawyer and actor Ain Edruce caught the attention of fans.

Recently, Ain shared some pictures in conjunction with Soraya’s birthday celebration who has celebrated her first birthday. Wearing a long dress, Soraya was seen smiling happily in front of her birthday cake.

Write Ain in the caption, Ain thanked the audience who were willing to attend Soraya’s birthday party. Ain had time to joke that if every year Soraya’s birthday celebration is like this, she must wear it.

Also, review on account Instagram Soraya also shared a photo of Soraya receiving a gift of a toy car from daddy nya, Amirul. To date, Soraya’s birthday celebration photos have garnered tens of thousands of likes since it was uploaded to the account Instagram.

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In the comments section, the average person liked sharing pictures by Ain and giving happy birthday words to Soraya. Among the comments from netizens are:

“Soraya’s many gifts, it’s like a wedding. Happy birthday Soraya, I hope you are a good child .. “

”Happy Birthday cute baby Soraya. Soraya’s birthday cake is beautiful, it looks like a lively celebration .. “

“Mami and Soraya are both gojes, happy birthday Soraya. It’s sweet, Soraya smiles and looks, hehe .. “

“Hbd beautiful child, hope you are always healthy, long life, cheap sustenance, beautiful and sweet. Ger4m look at Soraya .. “

“Wahhhh cute Soraya, looks happy playing Soraya looking at the birthday cake. Happy birthday Soraya .. “

”Wahhh cntik yer dress soraya n4ya n4yaaaa nie. Want to watch the video of Soraya unboxing hadiaahhhh pleaseeee, hehehe .. “

“Wow, a lot of Soraya’s gifts, lively looks. We can’t wait to see what gift Soraya can get .. “

Alahai, Soraya is really cute, many people should like to look at her face. Anyway, happy birthday to Soraya Muhammad Amirul Hafiz. May Soraya always be healthy and be a pious child mummy and daddy.

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Source: IG Ainedruce, _itsmesoraya

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