Some Business Process Components You Must Understand– Some Business Process Components You Must Understand. A business process is a structured set of activities that together have the goal of producing a result.

Well, this process is generally done many times and has been very well designed, and also continuously improved and optimized to achieve better efficiency and productivity.

Another word is a business process is a set of distinct but actually interrelated tasks, which have a share in the delivery and delivery of Products or services to customers or clients.

Several Business Processes To Maximize Operations

Smooth and precise business processes must be accompanied by other supporting factors. The following are some common examples of business processes.

1. Administration

Administration is planning, controlling and also organizing office work and also the movement of those who carry out to achieve the goals that have been set. Administration in business processes is also a new staff orientation process such as taking care of your employee ID cards and others.

2. Manufacturing

The second business process is the process of converting raw materials into goods that will have a selling value. In general, Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials into finished goods on a large scale which will be sold to customers to generate large profits.

3. Operation

Operations in the business process include from the beginning of the customer to make an order until the order is completed. This process also includes everything needed to receive incoming orders, provide services and also collect the amount spent from customers or clients.

4. Procurement

Furthermore, the next business process is procurement which means All Purchasing Processes to payments which includes the steps needed to secure and also guarantee materials and materials such as purchases, Invoice reconciliation, Receipts, and also accounts payable.

5. Information Technology

The next business process is information technology or IT which enables business units to send requests for changes in the system. Every change request must go through a series of processes as it must be evaluated, developed, prioritized, implemented and finally reviewed.

6. Information Security

Information security is the function that makes company information inaccessible, let alone used and disseminated, altered or destroyed by others outside your organization.

The final word

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