So the ’cause’ of road congestion, VIP escort cars have to hon with road users


Catch a video of road users who were furious at being asked to stop in the middle of the road to give way to a group of escort cars carrying an important individual.

This short video was first uploaded on TikTok by @anakayamkaki2 before being tweeted on Twitter by @datukhensem. Since being uploaded, it has gotten the attention of many especially netizens who use the road a lot.

In the video, several motorcyclists were seen being stopped in the middle of the road by the authorities. Shortly afterwards, it appeared the escort car was understood to be carrying important individuals.

The man who recorded the video was heard saying several times, “This is the cause,” while honking several times in protest to the cars of important individuals causing traffic jams in the middle of peak hours.

So far, it is still unclear who the individual was in the car. Most netizens denounced the car’s actions as contributing to road congestion.

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