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So a Member of TGIPF Kanjuruhan Tragedy, Who is Nugroho Setiawan? – The Kanjuruhan tragedy is the sorrow of the Indonesian people, even the world. In response to this bloody incident, the government formed an Independent Fact-Finding Team (TGIPF). The name of Nugroho Setiawan, one of the members of TGIPF, was in the spotlight. Who is Nugroho Setiawan?

Police fire tear gas at Kanjuruhan Stadium (ANTARA News)

TGIPF was announced on Monday, October 3. The total TGIPF members are 13 people who come from various professions and statuses, such as journalists, academics, ministers, former PSSI administrators, and former Indonesian national team players. The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, is believed to be the chairman of this joint team.

List of members of TGIPF Kanjuruhan Tragedy

List of TGIPF members The Kanjuruhan Tragedy announced by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs on Monday, October 3.

· Chairman: Mahfud MD (Menko Polhukam)

· Vice Chairman: Zainuddin Amali (Menpora)

· Secretary: Nur Rochmad (former Jampidum/former Dep. III Kemenko Polhukam)

TGIPF Members:

· Prof. Dr. Rhenald Kasali (UI Academic)

· Prof. Dr. Sumaryanto (UNY Chancellor)

· Akmal Marhali (sports observer/Coordinator of Save Our Soccer)

· Anton Sanjoyo (sports journalist – Compass Daily)

· Nugroho Setiawan (AFC Security Officer)

· Lt. Gen. TNI (ret.) Doni Monardo (former Head of BNPB)

· Major General TNI (ret.) Dr. Suwarno S.IP, M.Sc (Vice Chairman of KONI)

· Inspector General of Police (Ret.) Sri Handayani (former Deputy Chief of Police of West Kalimantan)

· Laode M. Syarif, SH, LLM., Ph.D (Partnership)

· Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto (former national team player/APPI)

Get to know Nugroho Setiawan

Nugroho Setiawan is not new to the world of football security. He is an ex security officer PSSI. After leaving, Nugroho became security officer in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

He started the world of football security by becoming security officer Pelita Jaya in 2008. After that, Nugroho became PSSI’s Head of Infrastructure, Safety, and Security.

Not just a profession, he also has an international license. Nugroho has a Security Officer license from FIFA and AFC. This makes it the only one security officer active in Indonesia, licensed by FIFA.

In general, Nugroho is involved in ceremonial football matches and high-stakes matches. However, this graduate of Russian Literature from the University of Indonesia (UI) is not only involved in the field of football. He has also been an expert consultant on security management at several companies, such as the State Electricity Company (PLN) and Sucofindo.

Nugroho Setiawan’s View on Indonesian Football

Based on an interview published on the PSSI official website in April 2018, Nugroho became a teacher for security manager certification. In 2018, Nugroho said that the security of football matches in the country was far from what it should be. According to him, Indonesian football has not been able to become a means of family entertainment.

“This football stakeholderits a lot. Starting from the organizing committee, media, supporters, to the police. Everyone must be really committed to security issues,” explained Nugroho, quoted by Antara Era from the PSSI official website.

“To underestimate one small thing about security can mean opening the door for something undesirable to happen in a game,” he added.

Since 2020 Nugroho has not been a PSSI administrator. In a joint interview ABC NewsNugroho said that he left the federation because of “politics”.

“There was a political situation in the organization where I had to step aside,” he explained.

Regarding the case at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Nugroho believes that this can actually be calculated, predicted, and then mitigated. He regretted that such a tragedy could happen.

However, Nugroho could only comment normatively because he was not at the location when the incident occurred. Nugroho highlighted three important things that must be present and synchronized in organizing a football match.

“The first point is the common perception of security among all stakeholder. The second is the condition of infrastructure, this must be done assessment. The third one is supporter behaviour that’s what we have to do engineering“explained Nugroho.

“These three aspects must be synchronized, and when we carry out a risk assessment or risk assessmentwe will come up with a mutually agreed security plan, so a agreed behaviour and procedure,” he added.

He suspected that the synchronization of these three things did not occur in the organization of the match at the Kanjuruhan Stadium last. In Indonesia, he continued, there is no common perception between the security of football matches and the internal authorities.

Before becoming a member of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy TGIPF, Nugroho said that the investigation of the bloody incident should have been carried out by an independent body, not PSSI.

“For me, just one person (killed) is extraordinary, especially when it reaches more than 100 people. So it must be a higher or independent body,” he explained.


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