Snickers spice now – exclusive news

While you might have a hard time finding people who don’t like candy, sometimes you just want a different flavor of candy. Now Snickers lovers have a new way to enjoy their favorite candy with our new Snickers Shakers spice mix. Released by B&G Foods, this new spice blend is the first official blend of its kind and follows the launch of the Twix Shakers Seasoning Blend in 2021.

According to B&G Foods, the new spice blend combines a nutty chocolate mix and caramel flavor to recreate the taste of a Snickers bar. This mixture can be used in a variety of different foods, including beverages, ice cream, biscuits, milkshakes, yogurt, and more. Pretty much if you can think of it, you can sprinkle some Snickers seasoning on it.

“In March, we were consumer geeks, and we saw a clear desire emerging among consumers to be able to add their favorite dessert flavors to both sweet and savory treats,” said Michelle Dinan, Brand Director, Mars Wrigley. “We are excited to partner with B&G Foods to enable consumers to experience the delicious and satisfying taste of Snickers in a whole new way and can be shaken with our Snickers Shakers spice mix.”

While this isn’t the first spice mix to be inspired by B&G Foods, it’s not the first creative spice mix on a larger scale. In 2020, the company also launched its Synadist Cinnamon Toast Crunch spice mix. This offer allows lovers of premium breakfast cereals to add that favorite flavor to almost anything. A very popular mix is ​​the spice mix and oatmeal, so Snickers fans might want to try this new mix as well.

“We are excited to expand our line of licensed spice mixes with the addition of SNICKERS, one of the most iconic chocolate bars of all time,” said Jordan Greenberg, President of Seasoning and Condiments and Executive Vice President of B&G Foods. “With the introduction of the Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend, everyone can now turn their favorite Snickers flavor into their favorite snacks and desserts.”

The new Snickers Shakers spice mix launched in stores across the country in August.


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