“Smiling and laughing seeing Ustazah ready to press like that haha..” – Netizens

Siti Nordiana’s video with Ustazah Asni Mansor on vacation on Tioman Island caught the attention of fans. It seems that Ustazah Asni is good at making mistakes, and he missed Nana again. Luckily Nana didn’t jump off the motorbike haha!!

Looking at Siti Nordiana’s Instagram account, some have been shared post featuring Siti Nordiana’s vacation with Ustazah Asni Mansor and several others. Choosing Tioman Island as a holiday destination, many photos and videos were uploaded both on Siti Nordiana’s Instagram and Ustazah Asni himself.

In the video that was shared, Ustazah Asni’s behavior was seen carrying a motorcycle around the pier. Speaking with a thick Negeri Sembilan accent, Ustazah Asni gave Siti Nordiana a ride on his motorbike.

Many fans are entertained after seeing this video. Fans thought the fierce Ustazah Asni would ride a motorbike slowly, but their guess was wrong. Ready to change the oil again, Ustazah Asni, hold on for a while.

Let’s watch the video below:

This share by Siti Nordiana has recorded over 31K likes so far. Among fan comments:

Not Ustazah Asni’s can, it’s funny. Smile and laugh when you see Ustazah ready to press like that haha..”

Ustazah Asni is good at tearing yoo. Ustazah is really powerful haha, luckily Nana didn’t jump from the motorbike hahah..”

“Ustazah is the simplest Ustazah, the most powerful. Squeezed cute haha, different like Nana being squeezed with Ustazah haha..”

“This is just the beginning, I’m joking Ustazah haha. It’s not beshe beshe, Ustazah, cute Nana snarled in surprise..”

“Haha, are you joking Ustazah Asni, it’s so funny to invite me to remmp1t. Ustazah really rock, it’s delicious. Felda’s child must be good at driving a motorbike..”

“Sempoi la Ustazah, it’s funny to see Nana twering like that. Sempoi ustazah, it’s really nice to walk with a group like this ..”

Ustazah Asni is funny too, of course the holidays with Siti Nordiana and Ustazah Asni never stop laughing. Hopefully all the planning during this holiday goes smoothly and Enjoy all yes.

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Source: IG Siti Nordiana, IG Asni Mansor

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