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Smilepay FF: Free Diamond Cheap Top-up Service

Smilepay FF ​​- Garena free fire is one of the Android games that always offers new things to its users, not only about games but also about new items like skins and packs.

Sometimes, there are also many people who complain about it, because in order to get a fire-free skin, players have to buy it with diamonds. Therefore, we will recommend cheap ff diamond shipping services.

So one of the cheapest diamond free shooting services or websites is smilepay, and not only that. But customers can also get free diamonds on the site. So here’s more information.

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What is Smilepay FF

Smilepay itself is a free diamond shipping service site, this site offers very cheap price for diamonds. No wonder this site is widely used by ff players to buy diamonds.

Well, but the language used on this Smilepay website is Thai. However, there is no need to worry, because these smileys are very safe and trusted by their users.

Not only that, but there are other benefits that you will get when you top up diamonds on smilepay. So the advantage is that this site provides its customers with free diamonds just by following Spin.

Perhaps for those of you who want to know how to buy diamonds on smilepay ff, please read this article to the end. In addition, we will provide a tutorial on how to proceed with the spin so that you all get free diamonds.

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How to top up diamonds on Smilepay FF

In order to be able to recharge on smilepay ff, you must of course first register with your facebook account. Once successful, please follow the steps below.

  1. So the first thing you need to do is visit situs
  2. Next, please select Garena Free Fire
  3. Next, select the number of diamonds you want to buy
  4. If so, you can choose the selected payment method
  5. Then you just pay for it
  6. Diamonds will automatically enter into your account

You may be confused by the language on this Smilepay website, so we recommend you to translate it into Indonesian. So this will help you when you want to pack diamonds and beyond.

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How to track Smilepay Spin Free Fire

Meanwhile, to be able to get free diamond fire free you have to follow smilepay spin ff. Now for the steps themselves are not much different from those mentioned above.

  1. As usual, visit the website: smilepay
  2. Please login first with your Facebook account
  3. After that you can top up on smilepay first
  4. If so, you just have to go back to the home page
  5. Then click the Random Prize . button
  6. After that, you can spin by clicking on Random Spin Diamond Free Fire
  7. If you rotate, you will get a code. Where the code can be exchanged for diamond-free fire
  8. Then please replace the code on termgame com
  9. Finally select shoot and exchange

This method may seem very complicated, but if you do it right away, it will be very easy. When can you get Diamond ff for free from this Smilepay website.

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Is Smilepay FF ​​safe to top up?

Actually, recharge ff diamonds on smilepay is very safe, but the snag is that your free shooting account must use Thailand server. So, if this smile can not be used in Indonesia.

Alternatively, you can get diamonds for free using codashop pro ff apk or unipin pro apk. Because this application will provide free diamonds to its users.

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Well, that’s all about the latest reviews about Smilepay FF: Free Diamond Free Top-up Services that we have shared with all of you. If you have any questions or anything else, please comment below.


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