Small Business Spotlight : Weezie Towels

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Happy Friday, friends! Somehow I let eight months slip by before remembering to share and highlight another cool small business. I actually love this series and think it’s super important to support the smaller shops and tiny teams of passionate people in the design industry, as well as in our local communities. Falling into that category myself (a small business owner)believe me when I say- every win is celebrated… no matter how small. From social media likes to orders placed and reviews submitted, they’re all appreciated. Today I wanted to share a company I’ve been following for awhile now, Weezie Towels. Founded by two best friends, Liz & Lindsey, this women-owned towel & bath linen company has quite an excellent reputation. They make luxe bath linens with personality and their customization options are endless… you know I love and appreciate a well-designed monogram! They take the guesswork out of it, producing hotel style towels & robes. Click through for a fun small business highlight, to see some of my top picks, and to get some fresh summer inspiration for your bathroom. I’ve included some inspiration images from a handful of my talented designer friends!

Small Business Spotlight : Weezie Towels -

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Some things I love about Weezie? They work with a third generation family-owned factory in Portugal to create their luxe terry products… all from 100% organic cotton. That means their towels are soft, lofty, and also absorbent.

Small Business Spotlight : Weezie Towels -

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Weezie also has an in-house design & embroidery team based in Atlanta, who adds all of those pretty monograms to each order. I just placed my first order for our guest bath! I thought some towels with a monogrammed G would look perfect in that space… for Guest or Gibson, however our friends & family would like to interpret that. Ha!

Small Business Spotlight : Weezie Towels -

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Rather than compiling a big roundup filled with digitized versions of my monogram, I figured it would be easiest to show you some of their plain products, for visualizing your own. They offer lots of colors, typefaces, and monogram styles-everything is completely customizable… this is just the base that you start with. It’s actually a pretty fun DIY design process with awesome visuals. Feel free to take a gander and scroll through the slider, if you’re interested to see what’s available:

Small Business Spotlight : Weezie Towels -

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I know monograms aren’t for everyone, but I love the personalization they add to a space… it’s probably the type designer in me, spending all of those hours in the letterpress studio pushing letters around. It feels like a sophisticated and non-cheesy way to integrate typography into your home without dated “signage”.

Small Business Spotlight : Weezie Towels -

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These are also a lovely way to add a tiny splash of color and interest to a bath. The piped edge detail is my favorite! That’s a nice touch. Also- let’s hear it for all the beautiful bathrooms throughout this post. Wowza!! They’re making me want to renovate our primary bath already, but I have a feeling that’s going to be costly and we need to save up.

Small Business Spotlight : Weezie Towels -

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Thanks for reading my latest Small Business Spotlight post! I forgot how much I missed highlighting unique businesses. I hope you enjoyed this one and discovered a new resource to keep in your back pocket, should you ever be on the hunt for customized bath linens. I’ll share a photo of mine once they’re styled and looking nice in our guest bath. Is there a small home decor or interior business you love? How about an artist, maker, or designer? Please let me know in the comment section so I can add them to my list. I would love to be able to show my support for small business owners here on the blog, and continue to spread the small business love!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead. We’re taking the camper out for its maiden voyage before we get to work on it! We want to see how everything functions and get the dogs acclimated. I also wanted to say thank you for sharing in my excitement for that project! I know it’s not our typical interior renovation, but I think it’s going to be really fun. Anyway, you put a smile on my face with all of your sweet and encouraging comments! Cheers to pizza, patio weather, and weekend adventures ahead. I hope you have a good one!

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