Singkarak Lake Tourism Legend, West Sumatra, Location Map + Nearest Accommodation

The legend of Singkarak Lake, West Sumatra
Fishing, enjoy the beauty of the lake, enjoy the food of Singkarak Lake fish products
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Ticket price free
Accommodation Emersia Batusangkar Hotel & Resort, Pagaruyung Dua . Hotel
Tabuk X Koto Singkarak, Solok, West Sumatra

Singkarak . Lake Location Map

West Sumatra has many natural attractions with an interesting history, in addition to Lake Maningo, West Sumatra has the charming Singkarak Lake. With an area of ​​more than 100 square kilometers, this lake is the second largest lake in Sumatra after Lake Toba. It can be said that this place is an additional tourist destination, why? The West Sumatra Bridge crosses the banks of Singkarak Lake for over 40 km, but usually cars/vehicles traveling from the direction of the field or vice versa, take a moment to stop to enjoy the culinary offerings offered there.

Upper Singkarak Lake
singkarak lake street Singkarak Ship . Lake Singkarak Poople Lake Singkarak Cliff . Lake singkarak lake Singkarak Lake Eat

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