Simple Tricks How to Take Samsung Screenshots on All Latest Types / Models

Hello guys, welcome back to, In this article there is an interesting discussion about how to screenshot Samsung from the old model to the new model which we will discuss below.

Screenshots or screenshots are activities that take pictures on the gadget screen. Almost all Samsung Androids have the same image.

Except for Samsung Galaxy S8 and above. Because the Samsung Galaxy S8+ series and above don’t have a physical button (home) like other Samsung devices.

In addition to using key combinations, there are many other screenshot methods, so this time we will discuss how to take screenshots on all types of Samsung.

How to take Samsung screenshots of all types

Screenshot with Button

The first way is to use the power and household buttons pressed at the same time. How to catch this one is a method that is very commonly used.

  • In addition, this method is also very easy.
  • How to quickly screenshot Samsung:
  • Decide which part we will screenshot.
  • Then press the power and home buttons simultaneously.
  • Wait a moment until you hear a “tick” sound or the screen flashes.

How to Screenshot Samsung Galaxy S8 Series and above

For Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ users, screenshots are different from Samsung Galaxy or J Series.

Screenshots for Samsung Galaxy S8 and above

  1. Select part

    First select the part that we will adjust.

  2. Press the button

    Then press the power button and mute the sound at the same time. Wait until there is a click or vibration on our phone.

  3. Select

    A new menu will appear showing many features. We can choose many features such as drawing, cropping, sharing, scroll capture, as well as displaying screenshots.

How to Screenshot Samsung with Palm Swipe Gesture

How to take pictures on this one is very simple, easy and fast. With Palm-Swipe Gesture, we no longer need to press any buttons.

All we need to do is rotate or remove our hand from right to left of the phone.

This way we can do it on Samsung J Series and also release Samsung Galaxy in 2013 and above.

To use this method, first activate the palm movement. How to activate it is quite easy.

  • Go to Settings and select Motion.
  • Then in the Motion menu select Hand Motion.
  • Then activate the Palm-Swipe Gesture feature.
  • After the feature is active. We can easily capture screenshots without using any buttons.

Screenshot Using S Pen

We can use this method for those of us who use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and above.

We can easily capture footage using the S Pen. The trick is to:

  • Press the button on the S Pen for a few seconds.
  • Then touch the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note screen.

Screenshots Using the App

For those of us who want more features to take screenshots. We can use the app. In the playstore there are many that we can find Android Screenshot Application and can also be edited in such a way.

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So, those are some ways to take screenshots or screenshots on a Samsung smartphone, hopefully it’s useful, thank you.

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