‘Showing what you think about the royal family’: Meghan Markle accused of making fun of the Queen in 2021 birthday video

The two-minute clip that launched Megan’s 40×40 initiative is called a “publicity stunt.”

Meghan Markle celebrated her birthday on August 4 and received birthday wishes from members of the royal family. Meghan and Prince Harry were in the UK for the Queen’s platinum jubilee, where the couple reportedly had “barely 15 minutes” with the Queen.

The Duchess of Sussex is now under fire for a video she posted with actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy to mark her last birthday. A two-minute clip was shared on archewell.com to launch Megan’s 40 x 40 initiative, which aims to help women returning to the workplace by asking mentors to set aside 40 minutes of their time. However, the video has now been dubbed a “publicity stunt” by royal experts.

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Melissa in the video initially appeared in a silk dress, but then changed to the official dress of the royal wedding guest. Then Melissa drinks tea from a Chinese cup with a saucer and Megan drinks tea from a small cup.

However, royal expert Angela Levine called the video a “publicity stunt” and criticized Meghan for “mocking” the monarch. She also criticized Melissa’s choice of outfit.

Angela wrote on Twitter: “Everyone thinks Meghan and girlfriend Melissa McCartney [sic] The Queen mocked in a birthday video? They both hold an old cup and saucer like the one Meg used on her blog after meeting the Queen for the first time. Melissa sips from the cup and wears a fancy hat and gloves? “

“The sarcasm shows her opinion of the royal family,” Angela continued, adding, “She’s got what she wants and is confident she can outdo us all.”

Meanwhile, Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, have posted Meghan’s birthday wishes on their joint Twitter account. They wrote: “Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Sussex!”

Prince Charles and his wife, Princess Camilla, also wished Meghan to write: “Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Sussex!”

Meghan’s 40 x 40 video has also been criticized by another quarter. Hannah Martin of the Talented Women’s Club claimed the initiative was a “publicity stunt”. Speaking to MailOnline, Hannah said, “I’m sorry to say this looks a bit like a publicity stunt for me too. At first glance, it’s a great gesture, but aside from urging 40 of her friends to volunteer their time, there’s no structure or advice on how to Share anyone already.”

Hannah added, “If Megan is really passionate about helping two million women return to the job market, it would be good to gain more insight into the specific problems these women face and to suggest concrete solutions on the ground.” Actions are carried out by the right people.”

A year after Meghan launched the initiative, no further updates have been announced.

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