Should Warner Bros. CANCEL Ezra Miller’s Flash Movie? Fans are divided on the impact of the franchise

While Warner Brothers hasn’t received a final call about The Flash, it has been reported that Ezra Miller may no longer be a part of the DC Universe.

The accusations against Ezra Miller have piled up, giving Warner Brothers a headache for their superhero film The Flash. One of Hollywood’s biggest production houses seems to be scrambling to clarify the situation amid reports that Ezra was accused of dressing an 18-year-old activist named Tokata Iron Eyes.

Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents, lawyer Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sarah Jumping Eagle recently obtained a protective order against the ‘Justice League’ actor from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court in North Dakota. On the other hand, social media users took to Twitter to debate whether or not Warner Brothers should cancel the lead role of Ezra Miller in The Flash.

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Will Ezra Miller no longer be a part of the DC Universe?

While debating whether Warner Bros. should cancel ‘The Flash’ or not, one user said: “Will Smith hit a guy and was blacklisted for a decade, but Ezra Miller assaulted a lot of people, took care of kids, and has kidnapped someone now and is on the run but the blockbuster still to be released??????????? While another explained, “The people who work on The Flash have NOTHING to do with Ezra Miller’s crimes. They need to be paid for their hard work so that they can provide for their families. Just give it a box office reduction by releasing it in theaters. and on HBO Max, with theaters having the option to opt-out. One user chimed in, “The Flash movie has already been filmed so it makes sense that they didn’t cancel the release. Also, there’s a lot of people working on it, so it’s not about Ezra Miller. But for the future PR They have to be blacklisted once and for all.”

Next tweet: “The fact that DC will be involved in the film knowing that Ezra Miller is a POS is beyond me. But at least cancel the DCEU Flash based comics. It’s quite simple. They always cancel books and series.” Another explained, “Listen, I love Ezra Miller as The Flash but whether all these accusations are true or not, @WBD needs to recast The Flash character and move on. You will not cancel the movie. You don’t waste all that money. They will stay and wish them all the best.” One person claimed, “The WB are simply delaying the inevitable or they are just being stupid about Ezra Miller’s situation. You have no choice but to cancel The Flash. It won’t get any better. It is over. He might really be on the run with the hostages,” as one put it, “Don’t cancel it’s just Ezra Miller and recast the Flash as Grant Gustin.” And another concluded, “@warnerbros I hope you have some decency and responsibility to cancel the upcoming Flash film starring hairstylist and sociopath Ezra Miller.”

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