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Shopee Indonesia employee salary list for various positions

Is it very promising to work in shopee and how much? Shopee Employee Salary?

The Internet changes everything. Many things that were once difficult or impossible are now possible with an Internet connection. Such as buying and selling. I used to go to the market to buy and sell. Now all you need is a mobile phone, you can sell and buy products through the online market. There is no need to meet the seller or buyer directly.

Well, the growing number of social media and internet users is an opportunity in itself, including Indonesia. Quite a few business people use it for business use. For example, creating an online market, one of which is Shopee.

In fact, this e-commerce has become one of the most popular online buying and selling sites for users. This is thanks to professional service and providing convenience to customers. Of course, after the best professional service, there are store employees who work hard to do their job so that the company can continue to operate.

Speaking of Shopee employees, how much do you think the salary is? Below is a list of monthly salaries

What is the salary for working at Shopee?

  1. Chief Information Security Officer IDR 60 million – IDR 80 million.
  2. IT Operation Manager IDR 40 million – IDR 60 million.
  3. Digital Marketing Manager IDR 25 million – IDR 52 million
  4. Sales Manager IDR 22 million – IDR 23 million
  5. Digital Marketing Executive IDR 10 million – IDR 20 million
  6. Software Engineer position salary IDR 10 million – IDR 18 million
  7. QA Automation Supervisor IDR 12 million – IDR 15 million
  8. Network Engineer IDR 11 million – IDR 12.5 million.
  9. Account Manager IDR 10 million – IDR 15 million
  10. Sales Executive IDR 8 million – IDR 12 million

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Wow, turns out the pay is pretty awesome. Are you interested in working in this online marketplace? So here’s a Shopee profile you might want to know before you decide to apply for a job there.

Shopee profile

Those of you who like online shopping or starting an online business are certainly no strangers to Shopee, Indonesia’s largest electronic marketplace or online marketplace, the app can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store.

Shopee was first launched in 2015 in Singapore by Chris Ceng, a former activist who has also led other popular marketplaces such as Lazada and Zalongan, which were founded by Forrest Lee in 2009.

In its development, then shopee began to expand to various countries in ASEAN. Now shopee has developed very well in several countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In 2017, the development was very fast. Downloaded up to 80 million and users have uploaded up to 4 million. Even products on Shopee have reached more than 180 million. So don’t be surprised if the salary of its employees is also quite fantastic. Shopee has also received various awards.

1. Largest E-Commerce in Southeast Asia

Shopee users in Southeast Asia are currently the largest, beating other markets. it is noted that Shopee is the most downloaded e-commerce

2. Netizen’s Brand Choice Award

In March 2017, Shopee won the Netizen’s Choice Brand Award.

3. Marketing price

The best marketing campaign is one of the awards that Shopee received in 2017 which has made Shopee more successful so far.

4. Bright Award Indonesia 2017

In 2017, Shopee won the award for the most memorable ad. Beat 6 other nominees.

Shopee Products and Services

So far, more than 180 million products have been sold on Shopee. There are various products in shopee like household products, fashion, household, electronics and many more.

Some of the advantages of Shopee

Payment on Shopee

There are various payment methods you can make for Shopee transactions. These include payments via debit cards, CC or credit cards, COD, kredivo, Indomaret Oneklik, Alfamart and other payment methods.

Shopee Coupon

Coupon services on Shopee can make it easier for users to purchase various types of coupons, such as credit coupons, TV coupons, game coupons, electricity coupons, and more.

Delivery to Shopee

Shopee also provides the best service in shipping using forwarding services such as grab express, J&T express, shopee express, go send and others. Allows products to be shipped quickly and securely from Shopee

So that was the information about the listing and a little summary about the store profile and its products. It might be useful.

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