SHD Team V1 FF Apk Mod Menu Free Fire Anti Banned

SHD Team V1 FF – Right now I’m sure almost all gamers know about the Free Fire Battlegrounds game because this game is a game that many FF survivors like, of course, from children to adults, they know this game called FF, and it’s so The popularity of this game makes third-party developers offer ff mod apk for gamers.

We know that in the Free Fire game there are lots of paid features such as bundle items, weapon skins, accessories, pets and so on that you can get by buying them with diamonds, although free fire often distributes these items for free, there are not a few survivors. feel dissatisfied.

That’s because usually premium items that are given for free through free fire events have a time limit and the time is relatively fast, therefore survivors feel dissatisfied and want to get permanent items, not only that because if you are not used to playing free fire games will definitely find it difficult when playing it.

Because you will be playing with 49 other players and you have to survive until the end to win the game and be the last one, but of course it’s not easy to do because you need enough skill to be able to survive until the end of the game, so if your skills are still noob then you can use the shd team v1 ff application.

What is SHD Team v1 FF

Talking about the ff cheat application which by using the application you can more easily play the free fire game, as well as the shd team v1 ff apk because this is the latest mod menu application that you can use and of course it still works until now.

Indeed, now there are lots of FF menu mode applications that you can get and use easily on your device, although not infrequently many applications no longer work, but you don’t need to worry because I guarantee that this shd team v1 mod menu ff apk is still active. and you can use.

Download SHD Team v1 Apk FF

You need to know that the shd team v1 application is a new mod menu application which is certainly still active today, and like other applications this application itself does not require root access on your smartphone so you can use it immediately, and please now you get the application below .

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The file size itself is not too large, which is less than 100MB, but you can already get the mod menu feature in the free fire application, then what cheat features can you get from this shd team v1 ff? see the summary below.

Fitur SHD Team FF

What is certain is that the features in this application will not disappoint you, because the features can really help you to play this game, and here are more details.

What is certain is that you are already familiar with this feature, because almost all mod menu ff applications have this feature, because if you activate this cheat then you can do headshots easily so you can beat easily quickly.

This cheat feature allows you to see the enemy’s location even if it is blocked by a wall, so you attack suddenly before the enemy knows your location.

Even though the original Free Fire had an auto aim or aim bot feature, the effect was very small and not very noticeable, but if you activate this feature your aim cursor will automatically point to the enemy’s body whose area is covered by your reach even though it’s far away.

With this cheat your free fire character will not be seen by enemies like ghosts, and you can shoot at enemies without having to get a counterattack, and this cheat really helps you to get booyah easily.

This cheat feature is no less important because if you activate this no recoil cheat then when you use any type of weapon, the bullet you want to shoot will go straight and aim at the target because the recoil has been removed.

To defeat the enemy in one shot like using a layman, you can activate this damage cheat feature, because that way you can immediately defeat the enemy quickly because the resulting damage will be more acceptable.

Those were just some of the cheat features in the shd team v1 ff apk application, because there are still many other features that you can get. So please use the application, but if you don’t know how to install and use the application, you can see the tutorial below.

How to Install

  1. First step please download shd team v1 ff first
  2. The second step you change the folder name com.dts.freefireth which is in the folder Data Dan OBB Becomes com.dts.freefireth01
  3. The third step is that you uninstall the Free Fire application that you installed earlier
  4. The fourth step, please install the SHD Team v1 ff application
  5. The fifth step you change the name folder com.dts.freefireth01 in the Data folder and OBB becomes com.dts.freefireth
  6. The final step You can open the SHD application that you installed earlier

How to Use SHD Team V1 FF

  1. Open the SHD Team V1 application that you have installed
  2. Then the Free Fire game will open
  3. Then after that a floating icon will appear on your screen
  4. And you click the icon, a mod or cheat menu will appear that you can choose
  5. After you activate the cheat feature, you start the game in any mode

Notes: With this you can activate the mod features in this application, but we need to urge you that you need to use a new free fire account, because this application may not be safe for your account later.


If you have used the shd team v1 ff application, of course you already know what advantages you can get, which will definitely help you a lot, not because this application has a fairly complete cheat feature.

Lack of

But of course there are shortcomings in this application, especially in terms of language because the language used by this application is Portuguese in the cheat menu which certainly makes you confused.

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The final word

And that’s information about downloading this shd team v1 ff apk, and with this application I hope you can be useful for you, and wait for interesting reviews to come.

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