Shakira Worth 2022 {July 2022} Why Did She Go to Jail?

Shakira Deserves 2022 has shared the Colombian singer’s current net worth figures and discussed the recent tax evasion allegations against him.

Did Shakira commit a crime that led to speculation that she would go to jail? News of the singer circulating on digital media that he had committed financial fraud in Spain. Shakira is an international star, and a fan Around the world want to get a clear picture of this accusation.

The famous Colombian singer has amassed a huge fortune in the last two decades with his hard work in singing. Shakira Deserves 2022 has discussed allegations of fraud and his current net worth.

What is Shakira’s Net Worth in 2022?

Shakira entered the music scene at the age of 13 when Sony Music signed with her in 1991. The pop singer’s entry into the UK market began with her fifth album Laundry Service in 2001.

  • The pop diva makes around $30 million a year from her diverse income sources.
  • His net worth is $300 million in 2021, which is expected to touch $350 by 2022.
  • Shakira signed a ten-year $300 million contract for live concerts.

What Happened to Shakira?

A Spanish prosecutor accused the singer of evading taxes of up to 14.5 million euros to the agency. He is seeking an eight-year prison sentence and a fine of 23 million euros for the Colombian singer. It is alleged that Shakira lived in Spain from 2012 to 2014 and bought the family home in Barcelona.

These allegations emerged after news of his split with former FC Barcelona defender Pique became public. The singer’s representative has denied the allegations and claimed that Shakira had paid 17.2 million euros and they had no taxes owed to pay.

Therefore it is clear that Shakira Goes to Jail no problem this time, because he is ready to fight the case and clear himself of the charges.

Did Her Separation From Gerard Pique Affect His Net Worth?

Shakira, 45, and Gerard Pique, 35, announced their separation recently. Pique was a Spanish footballer, and their separation was followed by accusations of tax fraud from the same country.

The reason for their separation is unknown, and the two have remained tight-lipped. Gerard Pique’s net worth is $80 million, and he has a completely different source of income than Shakira.

Shakira Deserves 2022 on the Source of Income:

Shakira is a professional singer, and she made a lot of money from her singing career but later diversified her sources of income.

  • She grossed an estimated $35 million to $45 million from her perfume sales in the first year.
  • On NBC’s hit music competition The Voice, he made $10 million.
  • Deal with Live Nation brought in $300 million over ten years.
  • He grossed $40 million from the El Dorado world tour.

Final verdict:

Based on internet research, it is clear that she has amassed a huge fortune from her hard work and singing skills. Shakira Deserves 2022 believes that Shakira will fight the current accusations and expects the truth to prevail in the long run.

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