Shadow Man FF Bug Free Fire Character Turns Black

Shadow Man FF – There is the latest information related to the Free Fire Battlegrounds game which is indeed very much in demand by games in our country because the ff game is very very exciting to play, so many are looking for information about this game such as the recent example of shadow man ff information sticking out to the public.

Indeed, everything related to the Free Fire game is highly anticipated and the enthusiasm of survivors is very good, because indeed the information that has emerged regarding this game is very helpful for those of you who want to know more details about how to play the game and get booyah very easily.

Moreover, free fire is very famous for the many cool items that you can get such as weapon skins, bundles, pets, characters and so on. Not infrequently free fire also distributes these premium items for free at events they often hold such as this lucky spin ff event, so fans of ff games are increasing day by day.

But even though the free fire game is very fun to play, it doesn’t mean you can win matches in the game easily, because the basic game is a survival battle royale genre where you have to compete with 49 other players and you have to fight to be the last one.

Since many of these players want cheat tricks such as the ff cheat method, which by using this trick you can win the game more easily, then is this shadow man free fire trick a cheat trick?

What is Shadow Man FF?

Maybe many survivors think that shadow man ff is one of the cheat tricks in the free fire game, but that’s not entirely true because actually this is just a recently discovered bug which if you activate this bug then the free fire character will be seen completely black.

With the blackness of the free fire character, you can see the enemy from quite a distance, even if you use the white body ff cheat, but what makes this shadow man free fire trick so attractive is because the trick is safe for you to use.

Because to do this trick you don’t need an additional application, let alone to use a cheat application that endangers your account, that way you can use cheat tricks but it’s safe for you to use.

Are There Any Requirements To Use This Trick

You also need to know that to use this trick you need some special requirements that you must follow to activate this trick, and I’m sure some of you have already activated this bug because this bug is really booming.

But unfortunately to use this bug, you can’t just use a smartphone, because the bug is only active on one of my smartphones, so apart from that smartphone, this bug will not be active.

So what smartphone brands support this trick?, if you are curious then you just have to read this review to the end so you know clearly.

Tools You Must Prepare

You must know that this shadow man ff bug trick can only be active on smartphones Samsung galaxy j2 pro and other than that you can’t use it.

So you want to use this trick, then you make sure to have a smartphone with the brand I mentioned above, then there are other tools that you have to get to start using the trick, then to get other tools you can get it right here.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”″ window=”new” ]

Now if you already know all the requirements and get the tools needed to activate this bug feature, then you can just do it step by step as follows.

How to Use Bug Shadow Man Free Fire

Surely now you can’t wait to activate this shadow man ff bug, right? Therefore, you just need to follow the tutorial that I have prepared below.

  1. First make sure your smartphone is galaxy j2 pro
  2. Then please download the tool that I have provided above
  3. Then install the tool, if you have then you open the Free Fire game
  4. Please login to your ff account then in your lobby click Vault
  5. then you are redirected to your item collection menu
  6. Then you click all the items as quickly as possible
  7. Don’t stop if your character hasn’t turned black
  8. If so, then the bug is active and you can play in any mode

Although many say that activating the shadow man ff bug is very difficult, in fact it is very easy, it’s just that it is only active on the smartphone that I mentioned above.

How to Stop Bugs

Now, after you have successfully activated the bug, you also need to know how to disable it, because after a long time it will be uncomfortable because the cool bundle you are wearing will not appear, then here’s how.

To stop this bug, it’s quite easy, you just uninstall the 32bit dualspace lite application that you installed earlier, after you uninstall it and then you delete all your cellphone cache, this bug will no longer be active.

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And that’s all the information I can give about this shadow man ff free fire, and of course now you’re not curious anymore right?. Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who are looking for this information.

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