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Shadow Devil! Spoiler & Raw Scan

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September 29, 2022

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Finally Iruma kun is back, and this time it’s not a filler chapter. Yes, you read that right. This same chapter will focus on a new demon, namely the Shadow Devil. So, what role will this new demon play? Let’s discuss.

In the last chapter, we witnessed a great interview with Chima and Zeze. On the one hand, Zeze is happy to reach the top position and get Rank 3 (He). On the other hand, Chima was a little depressed because she was not alone in the top spot and could perform very well in Heart Breaker.

Kerori helps as a big sister and motivates Chima. It is beautiful to see the conversation and love between two sisters. However, in the end, when Chima was motivated, he said that he would become the best demon ever and then Married Iruma.

Kerori was surprised to hear this, and before she could ask anything, Chima went to school. From now on, we will see a love battle between Chima and Ameri for Iruma, and fans are excited about it. Some of the fans are on the Ameri team, and some are on the Chima side. Let’s see who will win Iruma’s heart.

Iruma-kun Chapter 270 Spoiler

The next chapter will revolve around Autonomya shadow demon who is the supervisor of the teacher dormitory at the Babyls Demon School.

Iruma-kun 270
  • Otonja will prepare a lot of food for the teachers who are doing the training.
  • First, he will meet eito. He had a lot of papers on his desk, and apparently, he was doing his research and making sure that this never happened again.
  • Then Otonja will visit the practice site. He will offer them food. They train hard to be strong and protect their children.
  • Otonja will be very touched and cry seeing how much the teachers care about their students. Ipos would say that she even got a marriage proposal from them.
  • Then Otonjo will visit the teacher’s cafeteria, where we see Orias and March is digging. After receiving an update from them, Otonjo will see Balam.
  • He would ask how the interrogation with Shiida went. Dear would answer that he perfectly answered all of their questions, but when it came to questions about Atori, he seemed hesitant and sometimes mixed up lies.
  • Balam wants him to remain a teacher at Babylus because he saved Iruma. In the end, Kalego would come to hold a meeting.

Iruma kun Chapter 270 Release Date

No rest next week; Therefore, Iruma kun Chapter 270 will be released on the official schedule this week October 4, 2022. The next chapter will show the aftermath of the incident.

Where to Read Iruma kun Chapter 270

Iruma kun Chapter 270 will be available on various personal websites and YouTube channels in English subtitles on October 4, 2022. Fans will have to wait another four days to get the latest chapter. We’ll be back with another post. We will update this post once we get the raw scans and spoilers from the next chapter, so stay away from Ink Restless. Until then, stay with us and read the article below.

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