Sexual father-in-law: Another student makes a report against a wushu coach

PETALING JAYA; The police received another report regarding a child suspected of being a victim of sexual abuse involving a wushu trainer.

The latest report makes a total of three police reports regarding three different victims.

The head of the Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Agency, Assistant Commissioner to Senior Commissioner Habibi Majinji, said the last complaint was made by the victim’s parents last week.

“This third complaint involves a 10-year-old elementary school girl who claims that she was harassed by a suspect at a wushu training hall she runs in Petaling district.

“The lewd incident involving schoolchildren is said to have occurred between February and April this year,” he said here today.

Previously, the 31-year-old coach was charged after being questioned for allegedly having sexual relations with two girls last Monday.

The suspect who worked at the wushu academy in Cheras was also arrested by the Kajang district police on the same charge.

The suspect is believed to have committed the offense in two separate incidents in early April. – MESSAGE ONLINE

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