Sex Positions That Are Dangerous to Health, Avoid it, Moms!


Even though you and your partner are passionate about having sex right away, it doesn’t mean that the important thing is that it’s delicious, you know Moms. Yes, there are some sex positions that are harmful to health.

What kind of sex style? This is according to sexologist Doctor Boyke Dian Nugraha.

Not denying that a married couple (couple) requires a variety of styles at that time. According to Doctor Boyke, variations in style can make activities in bed even more exciting.

However, Doctor Boyke did not recommend a married couple to go through the backdoor.

“If you play through the back hole, the risk of getting hepatitis increases,” said Doctor Boyke.

Doctor Boyke explained, men or husbands sometimes do not have knowledge about the risks of ahem-ehem. That’s what, according to Doctor Boyke, makes men want to feel other sensations through various styles.

“Sometimes they just want to try it, moreover the back hole of the clamp is better than a woman’s anus,” said Doctor Boyke.

Doctor Boyke also does not recommend ahem-ehem couples when the wife is menstruating. According to Doctor Boyke, doing so when the wife is menstruating can bring risks. One of the risks that Doctor Boyke called is uterine cancer.

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