Servant of Satan 2 Teaser Introduces a New Character

The second highest-grossing horror film of all time, Pengabdi Setan has officially released a teaser for their sequel, Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion. In this film teaser itself introduces two new characters in this film.

Previously, in the first Satanic Service film, which is a remake of 90’s Satanic Service, it tells the story of a family who lost their mother due to serious illness.

Servant of Satan 2: Communion, Introducing the Latest Characters’Vienna

In the film teaser uploaded by the Instagram account of the director who worked on this film, Joko Anwar, on the @jokoanwar account you can see a new character, a little girl named Wina.

“Wina….Wina…..Wina…..” came the voice of the legendary character of Mother who called out Wina’s name.

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Seen a girl named Wina was walking following the voice she heard in the midst of the darkness.

From the teaser of this film, we can feel the goosebumps atmosphere of this film which will be aired at the end of next year.

Satan's Servant 2

However, this film itself has indeed been named the best-selling horror film of all time before the appearance of KKN in the Dancing Village that defeated it.

Joko Anwar, who is also the writer of this film, has promised fans of this film to be satisfied with his work.

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