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PMTOH bus tickets – Traveling to Sumatra, like Aceh by bus, is not impossible.

You can take this trip if you buy a PMTOH bus ticket.

PMTOH bus tickets

The PMTOH bus provides ground transportation services for travelers who want to go to the Sumatra region.

Below is complete information regarding PMTOH bus ticket prices and facilities.

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Brief information about PMTOH bus

In the 1970s, PMTOH Bus started its road transport business, offering road trips to areas in North Sumatra.

In fact, this Autobus company also provides freight services.

Rapid development made PMTOH add bus travel routes to Java Island, for Banda Aceh to Solo route.

Latest PMTOH bus ticket prices

Here are some of the intercity and intercounty travel routes that PMTOH buses cross:

travel route bus class price a ticket
Medan to Banda Aceh paws 170,000 rupees
Medan to Banda Aceh Executive paws 185,000 rupees
Medan to Banda Aceh paws 200,000 rupees
Banda Aceh to Medan paws 170,000 rupees
Executive paws 250,000 rupees
Medan to Bandar Gaya paws 650,000 rupees
Executive paws 750,000 rupees
Bandar Gaya to Medan paws 650,000 rupees
Executive paws 750,000 rupees
Square to Takengon paws 140,000 rupees
Medan to Pondok Baru paws 140,000 rupees
Maidan to Bandung, Tasikmalaya AC Economy 550,000 rupees
Medan to Yogyakarta AC Economy 610,000 rupees
Medan to Solo AC Economy 500,000 rupees

PMTOH bus departure point

1. Medan to Banda Aceh

The departure location for this route is at Songgal Square, the address is Jl Sisingamangaraja. Final destination at Batuh Station, Banda Aceh.

2. Banda Aceh to Medan

The departure location starts at Batoh Station, with the final destination at Medan Sunggal, Jl Sisingamangaraja.

3. Bandar Gaya Square

Bandar Gaya is a city in Lampung Province, about 1,600 km from Medan.

Keep in mind that one PMTOH bus can only make one trip from Medan to Bandar Gaya each day, with the final destination at Jl. Via Bandar Gaya.

4. Bandar Gaya to Medan

Just like the previous route, the journey from Bandar Gaya to Medan only takes place once per day by PMTOH bus.

Departure point from Lintas Bandar Gaya, final destination to Medan.

PMTOH bus departure schedule

Each PMTOH bus ticket that passengers purchase has a different departure schedule, depending on the route or destination. Below is the PMTOH bus departure schedule:

  1. Medan to Banda Aceh by bus Batas, executive pass or 1836 pass, has a departure schedule from 07.00 WIB – 23.00 WIB.
  1. From Banda Aceh to Medan by Patas buses and CEO cards, it has a departure schedule from 14.00 WIB – 23.00 WIB.
  1. Medan to Bandar Jaya and Bandar Jaya to Medan by Batas buses and executable cards, which have a departure schedule from 19.00 WIST.

PMTO. Bus facilities

Here are some of the PMTOH bus facilities that travelers can enjoy:

  • Pillows and chairs that can be adjusted to make it more comfortable.
  • Toilet, smoking room, air conditioning in the bus cabin.
  • TV center equipped with music entertainment.

Attractive offers from PMTOH buses

There is a special offer for those who want to use PMTOH bus, these are the offers:

  1. PMTOH Buses provide several types of buses between cities and counties according to the departure destination of the passengers.
  1. There are several options for bus departure times that can be adjusted according to the needs of the passengers and the distance of the departure route.
  1. The different PMTOH bus ticket prices are equipped with facilities, so that they can compete with other bus service providers.

PMTO. Bus headquarters address

There are two PMTOH bus headquarters located in Aceh and Medan. Here is the full address:

  1. PMTOH is located in Aceh in Jilkota Alam, Banda Aceh.
  1. PMTOH in Medan: Jalan Gagak Hitam Number 38, Medan Sunggal, Medan. Phone number: 061-8474838.

How to buy PMTOH bus tickets

Tickets can be purchased at the nearest PMTOH bus agent, or online at Redbus Indonesia. Here’s how:

  1. Download and open the Redbus Indonesia app on your smartphone.
  1. Select the departure point, destination and departure schedule.
  1. Activate the filtering feature, so that only the search results for the PMTOH carrier are shown.
  1. Choose an empty seat, fill in your personal details, then make the payment.
  1. After that, you will receive an email in the form of an e-ticket or e-ticket that will be used when you travel later.

We hope that this information will be useful to those who want to travel to the Sumatra region.

Please come to the dealership or access the Redbus Indonesia app to get PMTOH bus tickets.

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