Sayang Nak Lepas Tapi Ramai Pokai Terpaksa Jual Iphone 13 Akibat Berbelanja Sakan Untuk Raya 2022

‘Sayang nak lepas tapi …’ – Many pokai & had to sell iPhone 13 due to shopping for Raya 2022

It has become a habit for most people to spend a lot while preparing for the festival. Entering the second week of Syawal, some began to run out of money and the situation worsened when they had to wait for payday. In that desperate situation, they are willing to sell iPhone brand smartphones.

The factory technician, Zainal, 26, was willing to sell the iPhone 13 Pro Max (512 GB) for RM4,000 because he needed money immediately. While the apple brand phone was just bought last month.

Zainal admitted that he had to sell the iPhone because last month’s salary had been spent on Eid preparations, including buying clothes for family members because he had not returned to the village for two years. Plus, he also spends big during the month of Ramadan.

His mistake caused some of his commitments such as vehicle installments, education loans and pay television subscriptions to be in arrears.

“I bought the iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB last month for RM6,699 as a result of bonus money and savings to replace the previous version of the iPhone. Because I was confused about the debt, I was willing to sell the phone,” he said.

Meanwhile, another iPhone owner, Azli, 25, also admitted that he was impressed and had to sell the phone due to lack of money after having fun.

The iPhone 13 256GB was bought for RM3,899 in December 2021 and had to be resold for RM2,000 at a used phone premises.

“It’s a pity to let go, but because of the lack of money after the festive fun, so I think it’s good to sell. After all, I have a second phone. This phone is only used to play online games.

“Although it’s a loss, but what to do. This is the best way. I don’t want to borrow from Ah Long,” he said.

Graphic designer, Zainuddin, 30, also sold his iPhone 13 256GB to a friend even though he has not been using it for two weeks.

“The phone was bought using part of the EPF’s special withdrawal money recently. I sold the phone for RM3,000 to a friend and he was happy and didn’t mind being the owner of a second hand iPhone,” he said.

Source: Cosmo Online

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