Sample Letter of Delivery of Goods, Heavy Equipment, Vehicles, and Duties

Example of Passport – In the previous material, we have discussed the Sample Job Application Letter. The material this time will discuss examples of shipping documents for goods, heavy equipment, vehicles, services and duties along with their understanding and discussion. For more details, let’s see the explanation below

Definition of Travel Letter

Example of Passport

Travel Document is a very important document in various affairs, for example when you want to send goods the main thing needed is a travel document. Which means that travel documents are very important documents that are needed from various fields.

the shipping document always includes the data of the goods to be sent and the quality and quantity of the goods are included.

To be safe if there are authorized officers such as Polantas or other services who want to check the consignment.

Passport Function

  • Provide clarity in detail on the goods sent.
  • Is a form of formality or can be said also official statement from certain parties.
  • Simplify the affairs of the bureaucracy.
  • To confirm the goods have arrived and have been received.
  • Used for bookkeeping in the accounting department.
  • As the company’s archive that issued.
  • As proof of receipt of goods to the recipient.

Example of Passport

Here are some examples of passports:

1. Example of a Sales Purchase Transaction Letter


2. Example of a Complete Vehicle Road Letter from the Police

Jl. And Mojosari KM. 24 MALANG RAYA – EAST JAVA 22780


Number : B / SKH / 22 / V/2013

Letter of application for a permit based on provisions regarding Motorized Vehicles with No: 02/V/2013 Effective as of July 18, 2019

In connection with the request for a Permit in the context of carrying out an activity.

At the same time we provide a Road Certificate to:

  • Name : Dian Ageng Kurniawan Satiaji
  • Occupation: Private
  • Department: Manager
  • Address : Jl. Nitinegoro 4 RT 02/05 Coban Rondo Intersection, Greater Malang, East Java
  • Destination: Waterfall Nature Tour
  • Requirements: Garda Motor Club’s 8th Anniversary Touring
  • Departure Date : 10 June 2013
  • Back Date : June 23, 2013
  • Using Vehicle : 40 Motorcycles
  • Followers: 80 people

This road certificate does not mean as a substitute for a motorized vehicle certificate

Issued in : Malang, East Java

On : 09 June 2013


Suganda, SH

3. Example of Road Letter Carrying Heavy Equipment

Road Certificate

I the undersigned:

Name : Raden David

Position: Leader of Darrusalam Islamic Boarding School

Address : Jalan Raden Fatah, No. 20, Wonogiri

Explaining that the vehicle in the form of a truck with Police Number: BE 2484 AM is loading heavy equipment in the form of a bulldozer with the aim of going to Darrusalam Islamic Boarding School.

Thus this Road Certificate is made in such a way so that it can be understood by the person concerned.

Wonogiri, 23 November 2013

Darrusalam Islamic Boarding School Leader

recommend David

4. Example of Goods Passage Letter

Gg Brata, Youngest Daughter, Demak, Banten 55432
Telp: (0xxx) yyy

No: 245/AB/V/23 25 Maret 2013

Dear. Head of Curly Barbie Showroom Group
Road of Massacre 24, Old Failure
Joyokerto 20540

Subject: Freight Forwarding


With this letter, we inform you that your order via letter No. 0424/CBSG/IV/23 in the form of equipment for coloring includes painting tools as well as cloth paper and painting table, brushes and dyes we have sent today through the Intan Cargo expedition company. .

We have packed the painting equipment into six crates which we have coded with serial numbers WT-1, WT-2, EL-3, EL-4, EL-5 and EL-6. Each chest contains 100pcs of painting tools.

Through this letter, we have also sent goods documents in the form of:

  • 4 invoices
  • 4 receipts
  • 4 pieces of cover letter
  • 2 sheets of item details list
  • 4 sheets of travel documents

That is how we made this passport for you to know.

We hope that you will receive this item from us soon in good condition. We thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,


Almaira Puja Astiti, SE.

5. Example of Hospital Passport

Jl. Dr. Soetomo 22, Sucolali, Blitar
Telp 4442020, Fax 4442022
No: 0444 / Dir / IV / 23

The Director of Sayang Bunda Hospital assigned to:

Name : Silsibella Hartati, A.Md Kes.
Position: Operating Room Operations at Darling Mother’s Hospital
Address : Jl. Dr. Soetomo 22, Sucolali, Blitar

To be able to take part in the Operations Room Management Training which will be held by the Indonesian Ministry of Health Education and Training Center on:

Day, date: Monday to Thursday, 20-28 June 2013
Place: Indonesian Ministry of Health Education and Training Center
Young Road Block G-8 Old Road
South Kediri

And when I have completed the training, I hope that I can immediately report to the Education and Training Section of the Sayang Bunda Hospital and submit the training materials that he has attended.

Thus this letter is made to be implemented in the best possible way.

Surabaya, 15 June 2013


dr. Ahmed Wardhata, SPB

6. Sample of Official Travel Letter


Number: 448/ADM/X/2013

I, the undersigned, as personnel manager of PT Human Nasional provide official travel letters to three of our employees under the names mentioned below:


  • Abdulrojak
  • Hendri Sulistyo
  • Setyarani

Destination: PT Sejahtera Always bag factory

Observing the bag production process carried out by PT Sejahtera Always.

Observing the bag distribution process carried out by PT Sejahtera Always to the seller.

Studying the promotion and marketing strategies of PT Sejahtera Always.

  • Departure date: November 22, 2013
  • Return date: December 22, 2013

Hopefully this official travel document can be used properly.

Jayakarta, November 13, 2013

Made by,

Boedieman, SE

Approved by,

Anggo Dwipa, MM

7. Sample Letter of Delivery of Electronic Goods


Jalan Kelapa Warna, No. 314 Happy Cape

South Jakarta

Number : 107/ KB/ VII/ 2018

Appendix: I Sheet



Jalan M. Yunus No.14 Bandar Lampung


Along with this letter which will discuss your order, order number: 678911 as of October 25, 2019.

I as one of the team working at the Officer PT. Electro fountain, will immediately deliver orders for goods according to your order:

  • 9 Refrigerator Units
  • 14 Units Washing Machine
  • 40 Unit TV
  • 20 Fan Units
  • 20 Unit AC
  • 10 Stove Units

With a number of items that you have ordered, along with the prizes that you have received and we will immediately provide them with 1 unit of Akari 20 Led TV”.

From the gifts we have given, we have adjusted the number of items that you ordered on October 20, 2019.

We have made this letter of the road with all the considerations. Please if you can re-check the goods that have been received.

We also hereby express our gratitude to you for believing and making our goods your choice.

Best regards,

PT. Electro Fountain Receiver Recipient of Sample Letter of Goods Handover

(Safrizal, SE) (Ramadan)

8. Sample Letter of Travel from the Village Head

Travel Letter from the Village Head

Those who have the authority to issue a travel permit that is used for licensing people or vehicles which are generally issued at one institution, the police or the local government.

Where this letter is one type of travel document that is official and legal. For more details, here is an example:

Sample Letter of Statement from the Village Head

Jl. Jalan Kelapa Warna Pos. 35141
Delivery Certificate

Number : 342 /654/X/2019

The undersigned:

Name : Safrizal

Position: Village Head

Address : Jalan Raya Kelapa color 6, RT 03/ RW 05 Pematang Wangi, Tanjung Glad District, Bandar Lampung.

Hereby declare that :

Full name : Rizal Ramadhani

Gender : Male


No KTP/ NIK                                  : 00000877656488988

Place, date of birth: Tanjung Karang, 04 September 1989

Occupation: Publisher

Address : Pematang Wangi Village, RT. 07/ RW 09 Tanjung Happy District, Bandar Lampung

Necessity: To facilitate shipping documents that are directed to Jalan Pangeran antasari Bandar Lampung

Validity period: November 14, 2019 to December 14, 2019

We have arranged this roadmap as it should be with the hope that it can be used as it should be.

Milk in : Tanjung Happy

Starting from : November 14, 2019

Head of Bulukrejo Village

(Safrizal SE)

Note: In the preparation of road documents obtained from the village head, in general, a letterhead is often given, followed by a description of the title, as well as the letter number.

Then so that it can be used as evidence of legality obtained from the village head’s office, which is generally often marked with a stamp and seal from the government that has the authority.

Thus the discussion this time, hopefully this article can be useful and can add to our knowledge and insight.

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