Salehe Bembury x Crocs arrive via raffle: Why and how to buy

American footwear designer Salehe Bembury, formerly of Payless and Yeezy fame, has teamed up with Crocs for a shoe release – but they’re being awarded via a raffle rather than being sold in the “regular” way. What’s the logic behind it, and how can you enter to win a pair of Crocs Pollex clogs?

How to enter the raffle to win a pair of Salehe Bembury x Crocs shoes

Act quickly, because the first draw (Stratus) has already closed.

There are currently three colours available, and three chances to purchase a pair of Salehe Bembury Crocs.

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The Urchin and Crocodile colours are still available, but the draws are only open for a limited time.

Enter here to purchase a pair of Urchin Salehe Bembury Crocs, and here for a pair of Crocodile ones.

If you haven’t entered an EQL draw before, you’ll need to register. To do so, simply create an EQL account, provide shipping and payment details, verify your entry, and submit.

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Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for American Express

Why are the Salehe Bembury Crocs only available to buy/win via a raffle?

“We believe that everyone should have a fair chance of getting their hands on the products they love,” reads EQL’s explanation of what Run Fair means to the company. “That’s why we’ve built fairness in.”

The idea is that EQL’s “smart technology” helps deliver fairness, and “supports the rules we live by”.

EQL, formerly SNEAKQL, manages the launches of “scarce products”. Scarcity means there aren’t an unlimited amount of shoes available – and presumably won’t ever be.

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Queen | Official Trailer | Netflix



Queen | Official Trailer | Netflix





That means the value of each pair of shoes will (probably) increase over time. Or, at least, it’ll jump up immediately after the raffle, because the demand for these specific shoes will be greater than the supply.

According to How To Cop, the Crocs Pollex clog by Salehe Bembury in Menemsha and Cucumber (colour variations) are already fetching upwards of $250 on resale. The retail price is $85.

How have people reacted to the raffle?

Selling things via a raffle is unorthodox, and people have reacted in the way you might expect.

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One Twitter user has even suggested that it is some sort of “social experiment”.

The artificial scarcity and release via random raffle might remind some people of the way NFT project creators sell their tokens. And the immediate price hike – when sold at auction – of the Salehe Bembury Crocs only adds to the similarity.

Nevertheless, there are those whose experience of buying a pair has been pleasant and trouble-free.

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