Sabrina Carpenter Talks About Being Called A ‘Homewrecker’ During Olivia Rodrigo & Joshua Bassett’s Love Triangle

Sabrina the Carpenter finally ready to open up about his side of the story in a love triangle with Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett – and do it through song (no surprise).

If you need a refresher, the drama between these three begins when Olivia releases her hit record Driver’s license, which details a devastating breakup. But as soon as the song was released, fans stormed social media with their theories about how scathing lyrics were about him High School Musical: Musical: Series his co-star Joshua, who allegedly dumped him because of Sabrina. It’s hard not to think that this might be true with lyrics like:

“And you’re probably with that blonde girl / The one I always doubt / She’s way older than me / She’s everything I’m insecure about”

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These are some pretty telling lines…

While no one has explicitly confirmed whether their love triangle is real, that hasn’t stopped people from painting Sabrina as the villain of the story. Later, Girl Meets World alum dropped a song Skin. And as you might have guessed, a lot of thought was in response to Olivia. However, he was quick to shut down these accusations, saying “the song doesn’t call one person.” and instead “some lines address a specific situation, while other lines address many other experiences I had in the past year.”

Joshua, on the other hand, directly addresses the whole situation through his song Crisispoints out that the narrative that he dumped Olivia for Sabrina is incorrect:

“Aren’t you the one who went first? / Didn’t you cancel it? / Was it an act of loving me or hating me?”

They really go back and forth in their music over this situation! Now, it looks like it’s Sabrina’s turn to share what really happened.

The 23-year-old singer has released his new album Email I Can’t Send on Friday, which includes a song with some sharp words about how he feels about relationship drama — and the ratings he’s received from social media users for it. On the track Because I Like a BoySabrina starts off by hooking up with a guy (probably Joshua), singing:

“You show up with a boombox / And stars in your eyes / Who knew cuddling on a trampoline / Could be so reckless? / We bonded because of the Black Eyed Peas / And the complicated ex / Fell so deep into it / Everything was so innocent.”

However, Sabrina noted that not everyone viewed their time together in the same way and was quickly vilified by the world:

“Now I’m a homewrecker, I’m a slut / I got death threats filling a semi-truck / I’m a hot topic on your tongue / I rebound gettin’ ’round / Stealin’ from young / Tell me who I am / I guess I got no choice / All I am because I likes men.”

The actress went on to hint at how brutal (sorry, we had to!) the situation, revealing:

“I didn’t make a disaster / Everything slipped / Just tried to hug you / While your heart failed / It’s not an internet illusion / Just two kids going through it / You said I was too late to be your first love / But I will always be your favorite.”

“While your heart is failing?” Is he referring to how the reactions around him are Driver’s license actually put Joshua in the hospital? Sounds like it!

He also gave everyone a bit of advice, saying:

“Gets so deep / Everything is so innocent / Dating a guy with an ex / No, I wouldn’t recommend it. … And what is all this for / When it all falls apart / We’ve broken up. Please tell me who I am / I guess I have no choice / All because I like boys. ”

While Sabrina doesn’t mention anyone’s name in the song, you can’t deny that this song seems to be about drama! You can ch-ch-check the music video for Because I Like a Boy (under):

Talk with Rolling stoneSabrina talks about what inspired the song:

“So many people have probably dealt with the situation of being labeled as something they are not. And it’s frustrating because you want to do something about it. But then if you do something, people go crazy; if you don’t do something, people go crazy; and you’re like, ‘How am I going to be happy and at peace with myself?’ For me, it’s important to tell the story from my perception.”

He also shared that he drew inspiration from “imagining . Emma Stone‘s character” in Easy when writing it. LOL! It do it star continued:

“He used humor to distract from his pain and what he was going through and I did too. I think this song has that element too.”


What do YOU ​​think of the new song, Perezcious readers? Will this be the end of a love triangle story? Give your reaction in the comments!

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