Sabri Yunus was appointed as the Kelantan Children’s Arts Ambassador

KOTA BHARU – Well -known actor and director, Sabri Yunus was named the Kelantan Children’s Art Ambassador in conjunction with the Dikir Barat 2022 Gathering Night at a hotel here today.

Kelantan Menteri Besar, Datuk Ahmad Yakob said, Sabri was one of the 24 award recipients through nine categories introduced especially to dikir barat cultural art activists.

According to him, apart from Sabri, Jen Endoro, Jali Bunga Tanjong, Cikgu Sulizi, Eyo Hock Seng, Hamid Budaya, Tok Wan Hasan Gula Batu, Tuan Kob Raja Saring and other western dikir icons also received recognition.

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“The state government is confident that the organization of the West Dikir Gathering Night has succeeded in achieving its objective, which is to give recognition to western dikir art activists who have made Kelantan famous.

“Besides that, the event can also strengthen the relationship between western dikir art activists throughout Kelantan and elevate the art as the state’s cultural heritage so that it does not disappear and become extinct,” he said in a statement just now.

Ahmad added that the state government always supports artists who are active in dignifying and defending Kelantan’s cultural heritage. – KOSMO! ONLINE.

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