S Rodriguez exposes rumors of quitting smoking

Ati Executive Secretary. Vic Rodriguez

by Junex Doronio
July 22 2022

MANILA – Executive Secretary Victor Rodriguez said he is perplexed by rumors that he is resigning as executive secretary to the administration of President Ferdinand “Bong Pong” Marcos Jr.

Rodriguez told Palace reporters on Friday, July 22 that he is only in his office and does not know where the talks about his resignation began.

“Until the messages I got this morning, I basically resigned, but you know, I made that courtesy call, I’m still here in my office,” Rodriguez said.

Earlier, press secretary Rose Beatrix “Trixie” Cruz Angeles has already denied Rodriguez’s supposed resignation.

“I’m just here… I barely get out of my office, maybe this is one… I don’t know how the rumors started but we are all in the Cabinet, no matter what wallet he keeps or deals with, I think the moment he accepts the nomination and the application Coming from the president to help him serve the country, I think automatically, the moment you said yes, you will be asked to leave automatically, but until that happens, Rodriguez added.

Rodriguez, 48, is considered a “pillar” of PBBM management for being “strongly loyal” to the newly elected CEO.

Rodriguez has served as BBM’s Chief of Staff and spokesperson and has been highly regarded in the candidate’s successful campaign. (.ai/mtvn)

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