Ruok999 Macro FF Apk Auto Headshot Anti Banned Free Fire v1.57.3

Ruok999 Macro FF Apk – In the world of the Free Fire game, there are always new tricks that appear for us to use, and of course the tricks that appear are skill tricks or cheat tricks, for example, the ruok999 macro apk application now appears that you can use to cheat because by using With this application you will be able to do headshots easily.

Talking about cheat applications, you certainly know that now to get an application like that is very easy because there are many scattered on the internet, but the application that I will review is not the cheat mod menu category as I often review, but the ruok999 macro ff only provides settings more sensitivity only.

As you know, in a Battle Royale game like this, it is easier for us to set sensitivity because each player has a different way of playing, for example, if you like to rush enemies and attack directly, you definitely need agile movements and high sensitivity.

Then if you are the one who likes to snoop before attacking then high sensitivity is not really needed because the aim scope x4 is too difficult to direct, that’s why I say the sensitivity setting ff is very important for you to do, now if you want to feel the sensation of more sensitivity then you can use this ruok999 macro apk.

What is Ruok999 Macro FF

I’m sure there aren’t a few survivors who don’t know about this one application, because Ruok 999 macro is a new application that suddenly boomed because of its function which really helps players in winning games and getting booyah.

This Ruok999 Macro FF Apk is a free fire sensitivity setting application where if you use this application you will get even more settings and increase auto aim in this game so that you will often do headshots after using the application.

Actually, we have found many applications of this type and have just reviewed several times such as sensi capa ff and others, which of course function is to increase sensitivity even higher so that your cellphone screen will feel very slippery, therefore not a few people call this is an auto headshot ff screen smoothing application because in fact it is like that.

Therefore, if you are curious about the application that I will review at this time, then you guys watch me to the end, and if you are curious to get the application then now you can get it here.

Download Ruok999 Macro Apk

You don’t need to look for other references to get this application, because you can directly download the macro ff section in this review because I have prepared it for all of you.

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With a very small file size, the application function is very large, and there are many other features that you can get besides increasing sensitivity, curious to know what features you can get, just look at the summary below.

App Features

Each ff cheat application has different functions and features, but specifically for this application, which only focuses on sensitivity settings for more details and a summary.

Increase Free Fire Sensitivity

The main feature of this application is to increase the sensitivity in the free fire game that is already installed on your smartphone device, and you can increase the sensitivity up to x25000 times higher than the default so if you like high settings then this application is suitable for you to use.

Weapon Sensitivity Settings

Another feature that is no less important than this application is the feature to set the sensitivity of each weapon, because in Ruok999 macro there is a feature to choose to increase the sensitivity of each weapon.

So if you like using an AK weapon, you can increase the sensitivity setting so that among other weapons, when you use this weapon, it will be easier for you to do headshots.

Anti Ban Option Features

This feature works so that your account is not detected using this application, so your account will be safe from account ban sanctions, but if you are still in doubt then use a new free fire account when using this 999 ruok apk.

Now you know what features are in this application, so you don’t need to hesitate anymore to use the application, then if you don’t know how to install this application, I have prepared it below.

Cara Install

  1. Your first step is to download the ruok999 macro apk first
  2. After that, look for the application, if you find it, tap it and click Install
  3. If in fact you are redirected to the settings menu, then you can immediately activate the Unknown Source option
  4. After that you click Back, then you tap the application again and select Install
  5. So now the process will start and you wait for it to finish

How to Use Ruok999 Macro FF

  1. Please open the application that you have installed
  2. In the main menu you slide on the x250, x2500, x25000 options to increase the overall sensitivity
  3. Scroll down and there will be an option to increase the sensitivity of the weapon, and please select which weapon you want to add sensitivity to
  4. Scroll down again and there will be an Anti Ban option – Option then you activate this feature by pressing the box next to it
  5. When you click Login Free Fire, the game will now open

Now you can feel the difference before and after using this application, for sure now it will be easier for you to do headshots.

Is Ruok999 Macro Safe?

I have said above before if you are in doubt when using this application then you use a guest account or a new account to avoid things that you don’t want, because in truth there is no safe word to use an application like this.

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The final word

And that’s the review that I can convey about this ruok999 macro ff apk, and I hope this review can help you and enjoy using the application and feel the difference.

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